the WordPress Fledgling

It’s my first post on WordPress (for the most part). It seems weighty…it’s a fresh start, a whole new world, a blank slate.

How many more cliches can I fit into a sentence?

I’m not a virgin to the blogging world, just to WordPress. As a life-long lover of travelling, I do have a blog detailing my abroad adventures. However, at the end of my last adventures, and the return to my parent’s basement in my childhood home, my college English degree still crisp in my hand, with no money to my name (except that negative cloud of debt), I realized I might have to cull the adventures.

At least the abroad adventures, that is. I do have a knack for mishaps in my day-to-day existence (for example, the toaster burst into flames yesterday, which isn’t a regular occurance for many, apparently. Although I informed my parents they might want to pick up another 12-dollar gem at Target, my dad merely cleaned it out and plugged it right back in. I, however, skipped toasting my bagel this morning).

I’m also attempting to figure out my next step, get fit again, get organized, and basically grow up.  I started this blog to provide myself an everyday (maybe slightly ambitious) outlet to catalogue my life, share my experiences, get my voice out there and remind myself there’s a lot to be found right where you’ve always been standing, instead of just in foreign places.

I also wanted to remind myself that while I’m in a major transition period of my life, I’m transitioning towards something (writing, hopefully, hence the blog) and leaving something behind…and there’s no better place than a journal of sorts to remind yourself how far you’ve come (I may be a little optimistic here, as I have very few job prospects and have yet to hear back from any graduate schools I actually wish to attend).

But, hey! There’s glory in the transition, in the everyday, even when it bursts into flames. Maybe especially when it bursts into flames.