And no, for once I’m not talking about myself (well, mostly).

It’s hard to write about exercise, my woes of unemployment and other such items when Japan is being flooded and going up into flames thanks to the recent devastating earthquake.

(Sidenote: On the unemployment note, I did get an interview as an overnight aid at a local retirement community, a job I am strictly under qualified for, but methinks they are so desperate to fill the graveyard shift they don’t care…score one for me. Did I also mention it’s in a decidedly unsafe part of the Valley…well, unsafe for Montana…and that I would be there, all alone, all night?)

So, today, instead of fascinating all of you with my every day trials, I’m just going to be glad that a) I’m in Montana, a reassuringly, for the moment, tsunami-free zone and that b) everyone I know and love is safe.

Although, I do have to note that there’s been a lot of disasters lately, especially near areas I’ve recently frequented.

Well, I was in South Korea, which is just a hop away from Japan. And, while I was going through Seoul, they were under threat from North Korea and it was only about a month after their surprise bombing attack in November.

Did I also mention that, just a few months after my tour of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, one of the touring boats–very possibly the very party boat I was on–sank, killing 12 people.

(All of this is in addition to what’s been going on in Thailand/Cambodia and Ecuador, other destinations I’ve recently visited).

Perhaps I trail chaos in my wake (my sister, who had to share a room with me for 12 years, would undoubtedly agree with this one). Perhaps, like my superstitious friend strongly believes, the world is heading towards Armageddon in 2012 (don’t get me started on this one, but look forward to a forthcoming book review on the subject) or reason after reason.  Maybe life just isn’t always fair–and because it isn’t, if you want to donate to the Red Cross in Japan, or for anywhere in the world the Red Cross serves, click here.

Either way, I’m sending all my love and best wishes to all of the people in Japan, and everyone elsewhere afflicted with tragedy (like Wisconsin). Keep the faith!