Spring Break for the Unemployed

Well, it’s spring break for most of my peers, and amid all their joyous relaxation, I’m realizing that this week is going to be the busiest I’ve had in awhile…ironic.

Although, my definition of “busy” has altered significantly since I became officially unemployed, but it’s still rather eventful.

This week, I have FOUR interviews (!!!), two ski dates, a St. Patrick’s Day/farewell party to throw and cook for, and our local Borders is closing so I am all over that. Also, I’m housesitting for my parents, which means babysitting our badly behaved and seriously adorable dogs, which pushes my goal of maybe-I’ll-have-children-by-now year back about five years.

(By the way, the fact that Borders is closing is the last straw: I need to leave Bozeman. Between their coffee and the books, I possibly single-handedly kept them afloat all of these years. Apparently that wasn’t enough…but, I suppose I have been absent from their aisles for some time, thanks to my limited funding, so maybe they really felt that too).

Three of the interviews are VERY promising: all with AmeriCorps, one in Denver, one in Connecticut, and one in Portland (all on the phone, unfortunately…this is when I wish I was an engineer/businesswoman/whatever kinds of careers this actually applies to, where my prospective employers would fly me to said city). The fourth one…well, maybe it would give me time to write at 4 am? Lookin’ for the bright side here…basically, it’s quite far away, the pay is terrible, and it’s the graveyard shift. The only reasons I’m going are because my mother, who works at a retirement community herself, much like this one, convinced me it could have a “great vibe” and it’s always good to practice interviewing. And oh yeah, I’m as desperate as 10-cents-a-dance.

In addition to all of these activities, I’m still attempting to work out regularly and launch my freelance writing career (which so far has produced…this blog).

All I can say is, if this week is overwhelming, how am I going to feel when I actually have a career with all of this to juggle? Or a family? (Just so you know, both of these thoughts terrify me and send me straight to Kayak to research airfares to France).

I better enjoy the good life now. Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking at those France airfares. Maybe working in a retirement community wouldn’t be so bad…could satisfy my need for some true French cuisine in Paris.