The Mundane

My quest for the joy in the little things, the gold in the mundane has relentlessly continued.

It makes it a little harder when the writer of one of my favorite blogs is off to France for a year; my brother is passing through town en route to Petersburg, Alaska (and fighting off the offers from various grad schools on the way), my sister is happily planning physical therapy school visits, and my boyfriend is getting flown down to Denver for his dream-job interview (did I mention that on occasion I do wish I was an engineer?).

But hey, I’m not complaining. At least on my many interviews I always charm the pants off of my interviewers…despite the fact that on the last one, they decided I would be a better fit as a dishwasher than a barista as I had originally applied for. Both jobs are a more of the I’m-still-a-student than recent-college-graduate bent, but apparently I’m taking what I can get (except I really don’t think I can be a dishwasher).

Don’t you all feel better about your prospects in life now? 🙂

Well, I can’t let it get me down. I am one of the few in the world to even have a college degree, and I’m one of the few to be able to travel as much as I have. Add that to my general fabulousness and I’m pretty freakin’ lucky.

How’s that for finding the gold in the mundane?

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