Top Ten Places

Some of my favorite places I’ve been (so far) in no particular order.

1. Dingle, Ireland. A little town on the Dingle peninsula, with a real-live dolphin as a mascot. It is my plan (when I’m all grown up and my dreams are coming true) to go back there and write!

2. Adelboden, Switzerland. An adorable, quintessential Swiss village tucked in the mountains, full of little Swiss gingerbread houses and surrounded by the Alps (and even as someone who grew up in the Rockies, there ain’t nothin’ like the Alps!).

3. Macchupicchu, Peru. Well, everyone has heard of this one I think! Go a sunrise for a surreal experience as the ruins rise out of the mist, overlooking the foggy valley.

4.  Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The famous Dragon Bay of Vietnam!

5.  Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana. It’s Glacier…take a boat tour on this island, it’s a sapphire-blue mountain lake surrounded by glaciers (shocking) and waterfalls. If you’re lucky (according to some) you might spot a bear.

6.  Ko Tao, Thailand. Turtle Island in the Gulf of Thailand, also the first place I went scuba diving!

7.  Vancouver Island, Canada. A perfect corner of the Northwest!

8.  Henry’s Lake, Idaho. Right on the border of Montana, a perfectly picturesque lake that feels like it hasn’t changed in 100 years.

9.  Point Loma, San Diego, California. My cousin went to school here: it’s breathtaking!

10. Isla de la Plata, Ecuador. The poor man’s Galapagos! Includes blue-footed boobies and giant turtles.

Can you tell the travel bug is hitting me again? Feel free to share some of your favorite places; if there’s anything I love to talk about, it’s PLACES!

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