Presenting…a top ELEVEN!

This week, I finally found out that I will, in fact, be moving in the fall (stay tuned on more devs with that). And SO, in honor of that, I’m making a list of things I will miss! Plus, my bonus number eleven is my latest favorite website :).

1. The mountains being two inches away.


2. That cleeeeeean mountain air.

3. My dogs. (Also my family, and my cat, and my FRIENDS!)

my little beagle!

4. Knowing the town like the back of my hand.

5. Running into random people I know everywhere (sometimes I hate this, but I’ll still miss this!)

6. Floating the Madison River in the summer!

7. Sunsets! Ain’t nothing like a sunset in the legendary Montana sky.

8. The ability to drive half an hour to end up in the middle of nowhere!

9. Those Montana-isms I can hardly describe…holes being in all of the road signs two inches out of town from gunshots, hicks and hippies intermixing, legit cowboys running around, people taking their dogs everywhere like they are children, cows being down the road, deer crossing every road (even in the middle of town) and many other things.

10. Downtown Bozeman!

courtesy of


11. Foodily! I love this website.  As I have a small obsession with collecting recipes, but oftentimes I’m very specific on what I want to use–as in, I’m poor and I somehow need to make a delicious meal out of these six ingredients–that I sometimes have trouble. But not at FOODILY!!

No Chicken


I believe I said I would put up a recipe for that chicken…but after making it, it just wasn’t quite blog-worthy. However, I did make my own Italian bread crumbs–from scratch! It’s easy: preheat the oven to 300 degrees F, and place in several slices of (I used wheat) bread. Several slices will go far: I used four and I had way to many crumbs! Leave the bread in the oven for about an hour, turning several times. After the allotted time, take out, crush into crumbs, and add choice Italian seasonings. I kind of go crazy with spices, and I hardly ever measure them, but I used oregano, garlic powder, a tiny bit of cayenne pepper, freshly ground black pepper, a little bit of dried onion, and some paprika.

yum. bread crumbs.

You can also just use the pre-made Italian seasoning mix…but either way, lots of flavor!

Since I failed to actually complete a “top ten” for last week, I will attempt to make it a top ELEVEN this week. We’ll see how it goes…

(top ten again)

Here’s to keepin’ the discoveries alive for another week! Read on:

1.Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping Technology. At our local Wal-Mart (ahem) I found this machine that analyzes what kind of feet you have, and guides you to “customized” inserts for your shoes. Since my new job has me running around on my feet constantly, I thought I would give these a try, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I have almost zero pain now, when before, after an 11-hour shift, I could barely walk.

2. Orange Dream Smoothie. I have one of these daily now…sometimes I throw in extra protein powder.

3. Adele. As in, the British sensation. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover her–she’s been around a few years–but I’m hooked now!

4. Iowa Girl Eats. A new blog I found about running, eating (with a sweet tooth), and traveling–what’s not to like?

5. The couch to 5K running plan. Wish me luck!

6. Orange Star Flowers. My new favorites!

7. Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. Now, I’m not advocating fast food–but this salad is delicious (and not so many calories for the half size!) and I’m determined to replicate it. All of the ingredients with a pomegranate vinaigrette dressing…I’m in love.

8. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: with Mango Butter! I’ve been in love with Burt’s Bees since I was about twelve (it’s a common love) and I found a new spin on it, with mango butter! Yummy!

9. Lotus Hair Treatment. My mom, as a loyal customer of Avon for years, recently brought a small bottle of this stuff to test out. It even helps with some of my frizz (although nothing can truly defeat my frizz: my hair refuses to be tamed. Just like the girl…) and makes my hair soooo soft.

10.  I’m making this new chicken tonight that I have very high hopes for (is this cheating?) and if it’s delicious, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. So, as always, stay tuned!

Orange Dream Smoothie

Maybe because the weather is finally (did I just jinx it?) getting a little nicer up here in the North, all I’ve wanted to eat is produce, and this cool, fruity drink is my latest obsession! It truly is a creamy, healthy dreeeeeeam. 


  •  1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (probably optional)


Combine in a blender until smooth! Serves 1-2.

**I have made this several times, all with successful results, so experiment! My favorite so far is using skim milk with a splash of fat free half-and-half, Tillamook‘s Vanilla Bean yogurt (my current brand of yogurt I’m obsessed with, although  Chobani might be taking center stage soon) and a dash of lemon juice, usually freshly squeezed.

Now that I’m really craving one of these…I can’t wait for breakfast!

p.s. I’m always on the lookout for fabulous smoothie ideas, so hit me up! 🙂