Favorite Things To Do in the SUMMER!

Okay, it isn’t quite summer here, but almost! In Montana, there are jokes about the seasons (winter, winter, mud, construction rather than the traditional four) and it’s true that our spring leaves something to be desired. But full summer is glorious! Here is my top ten of the week, thanks to my excessive summer dreamin’ of late (in no particular order):

1.  Summer dresses: is there no better feeling than light cotton blowing gently around lovely bare legs??

2.  Watermelon. 

3.  Hiking in the snow-less mountains. Yum, mountain air.

4.  Fresh cut grass. This one may be a tiny bit cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason!

5.  Summer music festivals.

6.  Floating the river.

7.  Thunder and lightning storms.

8.  Road trips.  Especially awesome in the summer!

9. My birthday! I’ll be hitting the big 2-4 in August (I’m not really looking forward to that age, but I do love my birthday!).

10.  Summer niiiiiiiights.

Now that I’ve sufficiently embarrassed myself with this somewhat sentimental post, I’ll make sure to write extra-sarcastic again soon!

What are your favorite things about summer?