Presenting…a top ELEVEN!

This week, I finally found out that I will, in fact, be moving in the fall (stay tuned on more devs with that). And SO, in honor of that, I’m making a list of things I will miss! Plus, my bonus number eleven is my latest favorite website :).

1. The mountains being two inches away.


2. That cleeeeeean mountain air.

3. My dogs. (Also my family, and my cat, and my FRIENDS!)

my little beagle!

4. Knowing the town like the back of my hand.

5. Running into random people I know everywhere (sometimes I hate this, but I’ll still miss this!)

6. Floating the Madison River in the summer!

7. Sunsets! Ain’t nothing like a sunset in the legendary Montana sky.

8. The ability to drive half an hour to end up in the middle of nowhere!

9. Those Montana-isms I can hardly describe…holes being in all of the road signs two inches out of town from gunshots, hicks and hippies intermixing, legit cowboys running around, people taking their dogs everywhere like they are children, cows being down the road, deer crossing every road (even in the middle of town) and many other things.

10. Downtown Bozeman!

courtesy of


11. Foodily! I love this website.  As I have a small obsession with collecting recipes, but oftentimes I’m very specific on what I want to use–as in, I’m poor and I somehow need to make a delicious meal out of these six ingredients–that I sometimes have trouble. But not at FOODILY!!