I have discovered a new, most beautiful site: Pinterest!

That’s right…you can collect bits and pieces you find all over the internet, and “pin” them all to one place! I love this because I constantly am leaving tabs open for days to remember something I find, saving random pictures of beautiful places to “find” them later, and copying recipes into Word documents.

Come check out my site here!

In the meantime, I was recently reading some good how-to-blog advice at Peanut Butter Fingers, a health and fitness blog I follow, and she suggested that it’s best to find a FOCUS for a blog.

I can’t even find a focus for my life much less my blog but…

Any ideas? 🙂

I would like it to be about travel, but I won’t be traveling too much the next year. Healthy eating…I do like to cook. Fitness…I’m working on that one. Moving to a new city and moving in with a boy will certainly be huge parts of my life in the fall, and will definitely be incorporated into my posts. I suppose they could all be about Denver! I suppose they probably will be about Denver…

Perhaps I should just enjoy being unfocused for a little while longer.

Why You Gotta Be So Mean

(Continuing the ahem, trend, of naming my blogs after songs…)

Don’t hate me for channeling a little bit of Taylor Swift.

She is America’s Sweetheart for a reason and…ok, I kind of like her. Now shush.

make fun if you must...

It’s one of those days.

The kind where I don’t do anything right.

Probably because I haven’t been sleeping much, and worked several 12-hour shifts in a row, but my brain just wouldn’t engage. And, maybe kind of understandably (and slightly unneccessarily) I got yelled at, scolded, and talked down to like I was a four-year-old.

(Now I’m watching The Office and trying to block everything out. Probably not the best coping mechanism, but pshaw).

Since one of the Assistants to the Activities Director at the nursing home (yes, one of the Assistants…why, I’m not sure, considering the volume of activities doesn’t seem worth one Assistant and sometimes not even a Director, although the Salvation Army does come often to sing hymns in their military look-alike uniforms) is obsessed with Taylor Swift’s “Mean” and had it on repeat, I was thinking about it all day.

Plus I kept getting yelled at.

On the subject of mean, my sister is a nanny this summer to our neighbors, and her adorable little charges happen to have these ridiculously bratty friends.

I’m talking Spawns of the Devil here…a common occurrence in our neighborhood, now that I think about it.

(On a side note, I can’t wait to get out of the ‘burbs and never, ever return. Although I’m not sure Bozeman counts as a ‘burb…but all the houses are the same in our neighborhood, so close enough).

The older girl, Olivia, has muscular dystrophy, and when I saw her little friend imitating the way she walks I really almost hit her.

Kids are SO. MEAN.

Why are people so mean? What makes a sweet little girl want to make fun of her obviously weaker friend? I know that mean actually makes me sound like I’m four with it’s sheer sophistication, but sometimes, basic is okay.

I could use my anthropological background to theorize about the necessity for this kind of thing…but sometimes people are just rude.

So the moral of this story is:  let’s all just be a little nicer. Partly because it’s better for your health (mentally and physically) and also because I truly believe that karma can be a b*tch.

Not that I wish the Spawn a sad little life (I don’t want to sing “you’re a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life,” because even though I enjoy the song, I will feel four if I start that).

I just hope that the next time she imitates, she trips a little.


Happy Monday!

Another One Bites the Dust

For some reason, every time another one of my friends gets engaged this song immediately pops into my head.

It’s kind of sad–I’m happy for them and I totally support their decisions and am probably slightly envious–but I assure you that it’s (pretty much) ironic. It’s mostly because the sheer amount of weddings that happen in the summer, and that have been happening in my life.

Last night, I went to another Bachelorette party.

It was a good time, complete with garlic fries, hard cider, homemade cookies, surprisingly detailed balloons featuring a certain part of a fella’s anatomy (give it a guess) and the requisite risque lingerie, all taking place at a local restaurant called Weebee’s.

(Weebee’s is delectable, by the way, to any Bozemanites who may peruse this blog!)

I, of course, supplied the edible bra, because let’s face it, every girl needs one of those.

My friend, even despite the balloons her super mature friends kept shoving in her face (maybe I had a little something to do with that…) and the scandalous undergarments (being opened on an open terrace of a restaurant…where else?) was glowing. That’s so cliche, but it’s so nice to see!

I’ve know this particular friend, Karli, since I was about in 2nd grade, and I’m psyched to see her so happy.

Bachelorette parties are also some of my favorite parts of weddings. You don’t need a date, for one–even when I have a boyfriend I never have a date for a wedding, go figure–and who doesn’t love to shop for edible underwear?!?

Well, my sister might not, but hey, it’s my job as the older and wiser one to show her the ways of the world. (Muahaha).

I’m at the point in my life (well, at little earlier than I would like, maybe) where engagements and weddings are a common occurrence. I pretty much love weddings–they’re so happy–which is a good thing because every year the wedding bells ring more often.

It gets me thinking about my wedding. If I even have one, that is. Sometimes I really want to get married here (you can rent it!), and sometimes here, and sometimes I just want to elope and not tell a soul.

Sometimes I don’t even want to get married at all.

My mom informed me they’ve always figured I would have a big wedding–after all, my graduation party reached into the 200s of people.

Although it was combined with my friend Brian (who’s currently with the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan–read his blog here–he doesn’t believe in proof-reading but it’s still entertaining) who happens to know the entire world.

Still, it kind of freaks me out that marriage is the next natural step. Don’t get me wrong, I have a serious boyfriend that will soon be my live-in boyfriend, so who knows.

I may be the next one who bites the dust.

Okay, who am I kidding, I can barely write that much less seriously consider it. Guess I’m a late bloomer, as always!

(Except for the mammary area…I was way ahead of the curve on that one. I guess I’m just usually a late bloomer in the emotional department).

(Congratulations to all of you out there who have ironically bitten the dust–happiness to all of you!)

Why I’m Excited to Leave

Lately, I’ve been freaking out about leaving. This from a girl who has been dreaming about leaving and beginning a new chapter since going to Ireland in 2007.

oh Ireland, how I miss thee...

Yes, 2007…why am I still here, you ask?

I do like Bozeman, and it was practical to finish my degree where I started it, while living with my parents to save me some cash.

It’s a good financial decision in these times, especially considering my loans already seem endless.

So, that factor weighed in, and several trips abroad (which, while completely worth it, tend to severely deplete any capital I may have had), plus an undeniable connection to this town–and the inability to find any jobs that I wanted–have contributed to my decisions.

And despite my crazy nervousness and fear, I’m excited. I was born in Colorado, after all, so it must be a good state! 🙂

I’m excited to start a new chapter, to move IN with my man (eeek!), move into my own apartment (thanks, Mom and Dad, but it’s time…oh yeah it’s time) and start a new, fabulous, challenging job that will lead me down untold paths.

Sure, I’m also sad–but today, I need to focus on what I”m heading towards rather than what I’m leaving behind.

Otherwise, I will never finish packing.