I have discovered a new, most beautiful site: Pinterest!

That’s right…you can collect bits and pieces you find all over the internet, and “pin” them all to one place! I love this because I constantly am leaving tabs open for days to remember something I find, saving random pictures of beautiful places to “find” them later, and copying recipes into Word documents.

Come check out my site here!

In the meantime, I was recently reading some good how-to-blog advice at Peanut Butter Fingers, a health and fitness blog I follow, and she suggested that it’s best to find a FOCUS for a blog.

I can’t even find a focus for my life much less my blog but…

Any ideas? 🙂

I would like it to be about travel, but I won’t be traveling too much the next year. Healthy eating…I do like to cook. Fitness…I’m working on that one. Moving to a new city and moving in with a boy will certainly be huge parts of my life in the fall, and will definitely be incorporated into my posts. I suppose they could all be about Denver! I suppose they probably will be about Denver…

Perhaps I should just enjoy being unfocused for a little while longer.

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