Heralding in a New Year

That’s right, folks, today I am officially 24!!!

I am officially in my mid-twenties…that sounds old.

But at least I am…

You know it!

Today is definitely a strange, adult-feeling birthday. I don’t have to work, but I do have to pack; while my lovely friend Kristin threw me an AMAZING birthday BBQ last night that lasted until the wee hours of the morning, it was also a goodbye party, and most of the people I will not see again until Christmas or possibly Thanksgiving!


I was very proud I didn’t cry at all the goodbyes–although I kind of wanted to. Then I was too busy laughing to think about crying–the best kind of send-off, I think! 🙂

It also feels like a very adult birthday because I am not going out and partying and dancing like crazy tonight; I am having a quiet dinner at home (well, it’s rarely that quiet around here, but still), doing some packing, and probably going to bed early…

I also got a pedicure today, and while my nails don’t look particularly sophisticated–they’re bright yellow with a flower that pretty much looks like a jungle on the big toes–the act of getting a pedicure makes me feel like a woman.

Anyway, I was out until four last night, so don’t lose hope in me yet!

As I reflect on this past year, I really feel for the first time that the years do tend to speed up when you get older! It feels like not so long ago I was turning 23…and here I am running right into 24. Sometimes I wonder if I should have accomplished more by this age…I always figured I would…but hey, on FRIDAY I am moving and will soon be starting a new, adult(ish) job and that seems like progress to me!

So, cheers, and sending out all sorts of love! Stay tuned for my continued packing adventures…