A Birthday Post

Today is a special post, written in honor of my little sister’s 21ST BIRTHDAY!

She’s so grown up:

the birthday girl is on the right! oh and that's me on the left 🙂

Although, according to some, she’s always been more mature than me.

Plus, taller.

Since I can’t be there to make this milestone even more memorable, I made a list of thank-yous:


Thank you for putting up with me as “Santa” and the “Easter Bunny” even though Mom had already told you they didn’t exist.

Thank you for crying in the room with me every time I (as the official drama queen of house) slammed myself in there. Solidarity, for real, sister!

Thank you for dating a boy who is so nice we never have to worry, and who is already the little brother I never had.

Thank you for always going along with my schemes–commercials, movies, plays, new decorating ideas, elaborate Beanie Baby villages, strange names for your stuffed animals…

Thank you for giving me someone to corrupt, and for always (for the most part) resisting my attempts.

Thank you for sharing a room with me for so long and always pretending half of the mess was yours, even though it was always ALL mine.

Thank you for looking the other way as I continue to steal your clothes–and for knowing that I look the other way, too. 🙂

Thank you for having totally different talents than me–it makes life so much easier, don’t you think?

Thank you for letting me take over your parties with my baking shenanigans.

Thank you for reminding me that even though you’re taller and skinnier, I also have bigger boobs (I feel risque, saying that online) and smaller feet.

Thank you for having bigger feet so you could never (except that one time…) steal my shoes.

Thank you for always driving your new shiny car so we never have to take my old, battered one.

Thank you for being you! Have a great year…and as I’m your elder, I can still say that’s an order!

K and I's first time voting!

K with our parents...can you tell my dad just LOVES it when I break out the camera?

with our baby puppy Tess!

high school graduate!

Have I mushed you all out yet?? 🙂