Romance and New Blogs

I recently discovered a new blog, The Everywhereist, that I like so much I went back to the beginning to read the whole story.

It’s that good.

I’m also stuck at home, sick, but it’s still good.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of the Everywhereist. Not too jealous, because in spite of the facts that a) She gets to travel the world, b) She gets to travel the world and write about it, and c) She gets to travel the world with her adorable husband in their adorable coupleness, she is a few years older than me. Which means I still have plenty of time.

(Did I mention the Everywhereist was also one of Time’s Top Blogs of 2011? Maybe I’m more than a little jealous).

Last night, in a brief hour of lucidity from the illness of death (I’m not dramatic at all) I was reading the old archives and stumbled upon this post. It’s true; the Everywhereist and her husband Rand have one of those relationships where you can see their giddy love for each other pouring out of their pores.

I mention this to my boyfriend, who is gamely sitting with me on the couch (I’ve been sick for several days now…).

“Look how cute they are! He says that if she didn’t exist, he’d invent her…Would you invent me?”

(I am such a girl sometimes).

His response?

“Sure, baby. I’d make a robot you. Then I’d be one of those weird creepy guys who only dates robots.”


(I didn’t realize we were actually technologically advanced enough for said creepy guys to exist, but the BF is  an electrical engineer, so I suppose he would know).

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