My First Snow Day!

Being from Montana, you’d think I would have had a snow day before.

But nope, they never cancelled school–we’d just stay in at recess, or the buses would run late.

So T-O-D-A-Y is my first!

This is what Denver looks like right now:

Courtesy of the Denver

And it’s STILL coming down!

So luckily, my lovely company gave us all the day off (and, when Denver Public Schools close, so does our office, as all of our kids are at DPS anyway) and I didn’t have to brave the roads (i.e. put my life in serious danger) to go to work.

So, I stayed snuggled in bed while the Boyfriend put in a few hours at work (his job is only about five minutes away, as mine is about forty-five on a good day) and then we headed to the store to stock up. It wasn’t as picked over as I thought–although I heard a lot of the stores in the Metro area were sold out of milk, bread, the staples.

People are acting like it’s the apocalypse!

(And don’t get me started on the whole “the-world-is-ending-in-2012” myth…yes people, it’s a myth).

Although… I bought enough soup to last us for the next decade…and we got the camp stove out just in case.

Okay, so it really doesn’t seem like all that much snow to me. But I guess if you think about it, we had no snow yesterday, and now we have around 15 inches. That’s a big jump.

And did I mention that it’s STILL coming down? Not to mention blowing around?

Now, I’m off the enjoy my three-day weekend by baking (bread! cookies! crepes!) and perhaps taking a nap. Sometimes, life is pretty perfect. 🙂

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