April Showers

It’s April! Can you believe it? The last few weeks have been filled with visitors, work, decisions and enjoying the nice weather.

Apparently Colorado doesn’t get many April showers. We had a giant snowstorm that made me late for work (u.g.h.) but the only other non-70-degree weather has just been the wind.

At the moment, I am in the throes of a giant decision I don’t want to make–what graduate program to choose.

My personal deadline for the decision is tomorrow and it’s making me sick.

(Or maybe that’s all the leftover Cadbury eggs…I am a helpless slave to Easter candy…)

It’s kind of coming down to the money–one of the programs has an (expensive) internship abroad but the other one gave me a sizable scholarship.

There are other factors, of course.

And I am L.U.C.K.Y. that I get to choose between TWO amazing programs. Several months ago I was sure graduate school was an impossibility for me (my lack of focus in my undergraduate degree really bit me in the ass there) and somehow, I got into TWO. My TWO top.


Stay TWOned.

(Not funny? Ha).


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