I will be attending the University of Denver next fall, pursuing a Master of Arts in International Disaster Psychology.


(And yes, it has been pointed out that this sounds like a made-up degree. It’s not! It just sounds too bada** to be true).

Even though it was a hard decision and I still have my doubts (if there is a question to be had, I’ll be asking it!) I think it’s mostly going to be AH. MAZING.

The whole applying-process has been very different this year than last year. For example, I actually had people who wanted to write my recommendations–and who didn’t flake out, also an important quality–and I had several programs that offered me admission, instead of just one program that I only applied to because they had a small application fee.

This year, I got it. Even though I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study, and again, I’m the original questioner, but getting in felt like a sign.

And really, I’m sure I’ll have several other careers in my lifetime. I want to have several other careers. I think I need to, to have the kind of life I’ve always wanted.

And, when I write my memoir in 80 years (might as well be optimistic, right?) I want it to be crazy interesting.

I think this degree is a good continuation of Amy’s life story so far.

Wish me luck!

my new school. nice, eh? and one of the kids I’m working with…you can just focus on the pretty building.

(P.S. It was a really difficult decision that I agonized over for weeks. I chose the program that wasn’t offering me as much aid, and that requires I take several pre-requisites–which are HARD so far–but in typical Amy fashion, I just can’t take the easy way. That’s boring).

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