The Boyfriend’s Birthday

Today, the Boyfriend turns…drumroll please…25!!

To celebrate, we are going to JumpStreet.

We’re really grown-ups now.

courtesy of xkcd comics

Boyfriend, I hope you have a great day, and a better year. You deserve it. I’m so grateful that we get to define being adults, together.


Please can we stop time for a little while to put this getting-older thing oh hold for awhile?

Thank you.

and in 25 other ways, I also thank you…

For showing me how much being passionate about your job matters…for showing me how far that can get you and how happy that can make you (you’re a really good example of that).

For always telling me I look cute even when I know I don’t.

For making me laugh at all of our inside jokes that no one else would ever get, nor would they ever want to.

For letting me take a million pictures until I find one that I look good in.

picture #3982. But I think it paid off.

For turning your cheek at my boot obsession.

but really, who doesn’t love boots

For letting me keep dreaming about the world.

For letting me write about you in my blog.

For sending me pictures of adorable puppies a million times a day.

For making your family send me birthday cards every year (and making them like me enough so they kind of want to).

For letting me be exactly who I am, even when it drives you insane.

For being proud of me for every damn thing I do, including figuring out the vacuum and color-coding my closet.

For always taking my side in every fight and instantly disliking anyone who has done me wrong, even though it’s usually my fault.

For sharing the fault in our fights, even though those are usually my fault, too.

For the compass.

For looking at a million apartments and finding one with two closets, just for me.

For putting down the video game controller when I have a bad day and need to vent.

For being a terrible editor…i.e. loving everything I write.

For letting me always win the grammar wars.

For loving every. single. thing. I make in the kitchen…even the fat-free stuff that has turned out nasty.

For letting me watch T.V. in bed when I can’t sleep.

For thinking my hair is awesome even when the rest of the world knows it’s really just unruly.

For being an engineer who can fix EVERYTHING from doors to computers to ovens.

For wearing all the red shirts I buy you (you look really good in red, ok?).

see? red.

For driving me twelve hours back to Montana just so I can get my dog fix.

you’d want to come visit her, too.

And, finally…

For being my guy.

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