new year 2013

It’s the beginning of yet another new year! 2013.

When thinking about 2013 in the past, I wasn’t too excited. I’ve never been a fan of the number 13, and not necessarily for superstious reasons. People always freak out about the number 13, which in turn stresses me out. My 13th year was not my best (and really, if you can find someone who had a great 13th year, I don’t think I can be their friend).

However, I’m thinking 2013 is going to be  a great year.

But before that, let’s recap 2012, shall we?

In 2012, as you may remember, I decided to apply to graduate school, I attended a Martin Luther King Jr. parade here in Denver, and had my first snow day!

I had a dream come true, I was reminded of the importance of giving chances, and I got into graduate school.

I had many visitors plus a weekend away, the Boyfriend turned 25, and shortly after, I hit the quarter-century mark as well!

I spent a glorious week at the lake, a lovely two weeks on a Northwestern adventure, wrapped up my AmeriCorps year and celebrated another anniversary!

(It was not a great year for my little blog. But things can change!)

Looking back on my resolutions, there can be no surprise that most of them are hardly resolved.

I did get into graduate school, completed my AmeriCorps hours and made bread.

I did NOT make it abroad with the Boyfriend, scuba diving again, or learn to knit/crochet. (Not for lack of effort, however! The Boyfriend and I were being financially responsible…see below…and I definitely tried to learn to crochet…)

My other resolutions, like eating right, exercising, learning about finances, worrying less and writing more are all WORKS IN PROGRESS. Kind of for the rest of my life.

I certainly have a list this year, but unlike last year, it’s staying in my head. This year, I am picking a word.

The basic premise is, you pick a word, or really a theme, that you want to carry out for the entire year. Once I decide on mine, I’ll write more about it. But for now? A few highlights that will be happenin’ in 2013:

January: Start my second quarter of graduate school and a new internship!

February: Valentine’s Day, Denver Restaurant Week, and another new internship will start!

March: Our summer internships will be confirmed (this means the location is still to be determined…eek), I’m throwing my best friend a wedding shower in Bozeman which means going home for spring break! And Game of Thrones begins again…on Easter. 🙂

April: I start my THIRD quarter of graduate school, solidify my internship for the next school year, and take two much-needed weekends away with the Boyfriend!

May: I’m taking the Boyfriend zip-lining for the first time (although I went in Peru), my sister graduates college in Missoula, MT, I’m throwing my friend a bachelorette party and then she gets MARRIED in Montana!

June: I finish the third quarter and start my internship ABROAD!

July: The Boyfriend turns 26! Otherwise I’ll be in some mysterious foreign country.

August: I finish my internship, meet the Boyfriend somewhere OVERSEAS, I will turn 26, and celebrate another friend with her shower/bachelorette party/wedding in Montana!

September: I start my final graduate school internship and another fall quarter!

October: The Boyfriend and I will head to Chicago (I’ve never been!) for yet another wedding!

November: I’ll finish another quarter of school, and we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving somewhere fun…not sure where yet. 🙂

December: Christmas! My favorite time of the year. Other plans have yet to be finalized!

I think this ’13 may help me forget my hatred of the number. 😉

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