My Word

As I mentioned here, this year I decided to pick a word to set the tone of 2013.

This year, I have picked the word HEALTH.


It applies to more aspects of my life rather than what I eat, as well, which is why I picked it.

Considering my graduate program is a psychology program (although it’s title, International Disaster Psychology, may be a little deceiving), I am often thinking about my mental health. It’s something we all should be considering after our 2012 here in America.

With a death in my family and a cancer diagnosis, my physical health is suddenly more paramount. I’ve, unfortunately, often been in the mindset that “I’m young” or “I can do it tomorrow” but this doesn’t always work.

My cousin was young when she died of a heart attack.

My father is one of the healthiest people I know, but his body isn’t immune to cancer.

And what about me? I’m young, but I have a serious junk food addiction. I enjoy exercise, when I have time to do it (the lack of time I blame solely on grad school/homework).

It’s time for a change. I don’t think it’s going to be a drastic change since I’ve learned this doesn’t work for me.

However, I don’t want my health to suffer anymore. Thanks to my love of third-world travel, I’ve struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS…and I SO WISH the word ‘bowel’ was not in the title since I swear every time someone hears that word they cringe a little) for several years now. I know that my eating doesn’t always support this, and I’ve noticed, like many others, I’ve gained weight since moving in with the Boyfriend.


On another note, my health of the soul will be a priority, as well. Instead of television, I want to read. I miss going out in the mountains (which I sometimes avoid here because of the traffic) and miss the feeling of calm you can achieve in nature. I want to meditate, which, when I get around to it, I enjoy. I really want to maybe love yoga. (Although if you read this post, I have to say that my feelings have not changed much and I’m still as inflexible as a stick).

This is not going to be easy. That’s the point of a resolution, though, right?

One thing I neglected in 2013 that is an integral part of my health is writing. I enjoy it, and don’t want to neglect it, but it always seems to get pushed back for lack of inspiration or time.

I am starting to wonder if that’s how a lot of things are when they aren’t your chosen profession. However, in my chosen profession, the burn-out rate is so high, you need to have these “things” that keep you sane.

And I may as well learn them now, before I even enter the field.

What is your word, if you’ve chosen one?

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