My Life To-Do List

Today, I received some interesting news.


I will be spending this summer abroad!

I’ll give you more information later on the WHERE, but for now, I decided to share my “Life To-Do List” with you all. I have a lot left to do, but check it out here so see what I’ve completed.

(I will for certain be checking ONE of these off the the list this summer!)

I started my to-do list approximately 10 years ago.


Not quite as much has gotten completed since then as I thought it would, but the list has also evolved considerably. (Although I still have my first ever item–“live to be 100”–and a few more have hung around, like “send a message in a bottle out to sea.”)

I hope you enjoy my list! I hope you also share what’s on your list…I’m always happy to hear new ideas. 🙂