A New Page + Updates

When making my Life To-Do List, I collected a bunch of pictures for inspiration. I was further inspired by a pal of mine who has a Wander-list.

A Wander-list is fun because you get to include pictures.

It also focuses on placesrather than experiences.

Feel free to check out my list here, and I would LOVE to see yours!

In other news, several of these places will (hopefully) be crossed off this list as I, basically,


Okay, not really–but almost.

My internship will take me to China (WHAT!) and then the Boyfriend and I plan to meet somewhere in Europe.

Since I started this blog, I have not been able to travel outside of the United States. That’s two years of working and being unable to follow my true desires and hit the road.

China will be quite a bit of work, since I have an internship, but Europe will be a true vacation.

I simply. cannot. wait.

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