Colorado Wish List

As you have noticed in the past several weeks (and maybe the title of my blog is a hint) but traveling is the thing that always, always keeps me going and motivated for my future. Although my mom claims I was always obsessed with travel: (my favorite movie, watched approximately 10,000 times, was The Chipmunk’s Adventure), I would always cry every time we had to go back home after a vacation (who wouldn’t?), and I really remember being bit by the travel bug when I was fifteen.

It was the summer before my sixteenth birthday, and my Girl Scout troop (no joke) had been saving up for years (read: five) to spend several weeks in Switzerland at the Girl Scout Chalet in Adelboden.

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I can honestly say this is the first time I fell in love with anything–and my obsessive infatuation with seeing the world has stuck with me ever since.

Although my lists I’ve been posting lately suggest that most of my travel ambition lies outside of the United States, never fear: I have plans here, too.

I make lists for wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, as you can maybe guess: I make weekly lists to get things done, and every time I go anywhere for a weekend I have lists of what I need to see. I make lists for all the books I need to read for the summer and for my life; I have lists of baby and pet names should I ever have the pleasure of having one of these.

Therefore, it may not surprise you to know that I have a to-do list for my time here in Colorado. Although I only moved here about two years ago (already?!), I am not sure where the future is going to take me (or us) when I finish my degree.

I will (ideally) complete my M.A. (Master of Arts) in June of 2014. After that, I hope to spend two years obtaining my License of Professional Counseling (LPC). To do this, I need to get a job. A job with someone who is already licensed, who wants to supervise me as I complete the hours for my LPC.

It’s a taller order than I realized prior to starting my degree (thanks for that, University of Denver…).

So, likely, I will get a job wherever I can! It may be Colorado, but it may be Alaska or D.C., too.

I’m not going to lie–the siren call of the sea is constantly singing my name, so I do hope to move closer to the coast. However, since I do have a few connections in Colorado, it may be easier to stay here and finish up my hours.

Gotta love being a “grown up,” am I right?

So, since my days here are numbered, please check out my new page: Colorado Wish List.

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(Colorado in the fall is my favorite thing about this state!)

Do you have a Wish List for wherever you are living? Even if you never want to leave?

p.s. Be prepared for a lot of Christmas things. What can I say? Another one of my obsessive loves.

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