30 by 30

I recently heard of a new sort of travel list (see my previous ones: My Life To-Do List, My Wander-list, Colorado Wish List).

30 by 30!

A 30 by 30 list is ideally 30 smaller goals (or big ones that are coming up!) to achieve by the time you hit the big 3-0.

I love my Life To-Do List, but it’s nice to have some goals that are a little closer to accomplish. It’s sort of like losing weight–you are motivated to keep up the hard work if you start seeing results!

Not that my list is anything like losing weight. Most of these are FUN. Except graduate school. Some days it’s not fun at all. (An update on that, coming soon!)

So, without further ado, here are some less lofty tasks I can (hopefully) accomplish before I turn 30. Click here to see ’em all!

Speaking of lofty, is it too ambitious to be starting this list when I’m 25 1/2? Perhaps. But, if you’ve seen my other two lists, I am nothing if not full of grandiose plans for what I wish to accomplish in this life!

What are your 30 by 30, if you have any? (Or 20 by 20, 40 by 40, etc). I would love to hear them!

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