Weekend Things

This weekend was full of the best things: a spontaneous visit from a life-long friend (on her BIRTHDAY, no less!), quality time with many other friends, and crossing to-do’s off my Colorado Wish List!

And, you can’t forget the beer, margaritas and delicious food :).


what is it about drinks in mason jars that make them even more deliciously adorable?

My friend Lindsay, who I’ve been friends with since kindergarten, celebrated the start of her 26th year on Sunday (which means we’ve been friends for 21 years…SHUT THE FRONT DOOR).

The Boyfriend and I did the best we could to usher in a great year for her–including a visit to the Coors Brewery in Golden (adorable town, free beer–we recommend it, obviously), a cave tour, and a quick foray into the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs! It also included brunch at one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Denver, Lucile’s, plus lots of pizza and cookies.

It was so great to be around an old friend. I never realize how much I miss spending time with someone who remembers all the embarrassing things I’ve done over the years and yet hasn’t abandoned our friendship.

It’s priceless.

Lindsay has always been an inspiration to me, too. She remains one of the most positive women I know, and has the “work hard/play hard” mentality DOWN. For example, she’s graduating dental school in May–right after a trips all over the United States and right before she moves to Alaska!

She’s awesome and she knows it:


See? (at Garden of the Gods).

Thanks for visiting! Expect a visit from me at the Last Frontier ;).

p.s. Check out my Colorado Wish List for updates!

p.p.s. Happy Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate our favorite planet? I plan on walking a trail near our house and eating a lot of produce. :).

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