Weekly Ten: April 26, 2013

Years ago, when I started this blog, I made weekly lists of randomness.

These lists went down the wayside, but as you can see from the last several weeks, my love of all types of lists is still strong and abiding. (Visit here, here, here and here for proof).

Here are some fun, some serious, and all random things! Enjoy and happy weekend!

1. If you come to Denver, please get brunch at this amazing Creole cafe. You won’t regret it. The biscuits are a giant brick of deliciousness that you will need to walk of for the next week–worth. it. (tip: locations in several other cities in Colorado so, no excuses ;).

2. Some of my VERY FAVORITE THINGS in the same place: Harry Potter and the Royals.

3. I’ve been looking at a lot of maps lately as I plan my summer abroad. How cute is this one?

4. This, a new Harry Potter land, is happening. Can we move to California now?

5. This earthquake happened about 200 km from where I will be this summer. It adds a whole new level to the psychosocial work we will be doing at my internship. Even though I will be counseling humans, I kind of wish I was counseling pandas. If you’re interested, read another sad story of the devastation from this earthquake and the 2008 earthquake here.


poor little traumatized fuzzy wuzzy. (yes, I embarrass myself)

6. Despite my concern for China and it’s people, and my anxiety over my upcoming trip, I am ecstatic to see this:


do you think it will look the same in person?

7. With several weddings coming up this spring/summer, where I’m a maid of honor, this site is extremely helpful. (And speaking of maps…these map invitations are completely adorable).

8. Speaking of wedding season, I am in love with this dress. Can someone please make it your bridesmaids’ dress so it’s mandatory for me to buy? It comes in other colors 🙂 (also, a really fun skirt).

9. I recently discovered the West Wing. (a few years behind the boat). We are continuing our obsession with Game of Thrones, and if you haven’t started your own obsession, it’s highly recommended you get on THAT boat!

10. I am obsessed with this smoothie. Do you have any good smoothie recipes? Please share!

**Please click the photos for original sources**

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