30 by 30

Read on for 30 goals of mine to complete by the big 3-0!

Beginning date: April, 2013

Turning 30 on: August 15, 2017


1. Get a tattoo.

2. Eat lobster in Maine.

3. Finish my LPC (License of Professional Counseling).

4. Finish graduate school.

5. Move away from Colorado.

6. Find a career that I love.

7. Finish my Colorado Wish List.

8. Get a cat and a dog.

9. Spend a Christmas in Europe.

10. Spend a year traveling around the world (really, REALLY lofty…).

11. Teach English abroad.

12. Go on a cruise.

13. Scuba dive in Belize.

14. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower on New Year’s Eve.

15. Visit ten (or more!) places on my Wander-list.

16. Knit a sweater.

17. Learn to speak French.

18. See the midnight sun.

19. See New England in the fall.

20. Cross ten things (at least!) off my Life To-Do List.

21. Write a novel.

22. Read 200 new books.

23. Move to the coast (any coast!).

24. See a panda bear.

25. Learn self-defense.

26. Take a graduation trip.

27. Make my sister take a graduation trip.

28. Run a 10k or greater benefit race.

29. Visit Italy.

30. Make a dent in my debt (I’m not that delusional where I think I’ll pay my loans off in five years…unless I get really, really rich. Or, stop crossing off items from my various lists…).

I would love to hear YOUR 30 by 30 goals!

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