Thanks for stopping by!
I’m so glad you’re here.
I started Amy Tries to Write in 2010, after I’d graduated college, spent some glorious time touring Southeast Asia, and found myself stuck living with my parents in my hometown.
Shockingly, my English degree did not have potential job offers filling up my inbox. And, weirdly, my post graduation plans did not include living with my parents, broke, in the hometown I’d constantly plotted to leave.
The blog began as a way to fill my days with my all-time favorite activity–writing–and has somehow moseyed along since then.
Really, I’m just a girl from Bozeman, Montana, with a love of travel, writing, and sarcasm.
I also love food, which is why my “word” for 2013 is HEALTH.
Pull up a seat! Here you will find my thoughts on love, moving in with my long-time boyfriend, paying off those student loans, accumulating more loans in my current graduate program and trying to eat healthy in world filled with dangerous treats!
(And we can’t forget my other true love: TRAVEL. traveltraveltravel).
The blog started when I was unemployed, and followed me through a surprisingly influential stint at a nursing home, my AmeriCorps year at the Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation, and now I try my best to keep up with this passion of mine during these hectic graduate school years.
So come along with me, on my merry way.
I hope along this way, I can make you laugh, inspire you, and remind myself that I really I am one lucky duck. Here’s to finding gold in the everyday, right at home–and hopefully far away, sometime soon.

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