Red Square Euro Bistro!


I have a new restaurant recommendation for any of you who happen to be in the Denver Metro area…


As part of Denver Restaurant Week, the Boyfriend and I were lucky enough to scrounge up $52.80 (5280–get it? The same altitude as the Mile High City? Yeah, I didn’t get it right away either…) for a three-course meal…so fancy…at the Red Square Bistro.

It’s also a vodka bar, but this time we were mostly there for the food. Although I did have a delicious shot of honey-infused vodka…mmmhmmm.

As part of the $52.80-for-two menu, we got an appetizer, main course with sides and dessert. Since the Boyfriend and I are still set in our own ways, we aren’t very good at the whole you-get-one-thing-I’ll-get-another-and-we’ll-share philosophy.

We want what we want, and that’s it.

As a result, we ended up with the same appetizer and dessert. But there was no complainin’ at our table! Here was our menu:

Appetizer: Tiger. Prawn. Risotto. That’s right. It was weird but got better with every bite. Especially once I got a bite of the prawn with the risotto, the dish was tasty, although not my favorite part. **SPOILER ALERT**

Main Course: Eric got a duck breast that he was moaning over (yes, he moans over his food. Isn’t he cute, ladies? BUT he’s all mine) and I had THE…




It was rubbed in something delicious, and on a bed of something delectable. I’m doing a terrible job at explaining it, but it’s one of the best steaks I’ve ever had.

**sidenote: my entree was the “NY Strip Steak, Creamy Parmesan and Red Pepper Orzo, Asparagus, Wild Mushroom and Dijon Stew.” The Boyfriend’s was the “Pan Seared Duck Breast, Herbed Wild Rice, Broccolini, Cippolini Onions, Black Cherry Reduction.”**

And, folks, I’m from Montana. We export our steaks all over the world.

Well, maybe not (Montana exports are clearly not my area of expertise, which shows how much I live in my own little world), but we have a lot of ranches and a lot of hole-in-the-walls that claim to have either the best steak in Montana, the West, the USA, etc. etc.



Now I sound like a disgusting vampire.

A really classy vampire, clearly.

But don’t worry, I probably won’t be there closing my eyes over each bite when you decide to go there.

(The Boyfriend just bought a new car, so we can’t afford to eat out much anymore.)

But, I will  go back and try the stroganoff…or salmon stroganoff…or…moving on…

If the steak wasn’t enough, it was followed by a chocolate-raspberry mousse. Although I was still mourning the end of my steak (I’m a teensy bit obsessed) it didn’t disappoint.

We sat there, in the bistro, by the fireplace, and I felt like I really in Europe. Or, more specifically, in RUSSSIA. (You must say that with a Russian accent. I dare ya).

The atmosphere was so cute, the food so amazing, and one of the best parts about it?

It was all immune to the loud trio of women shouting the occasional obscenities at the table next to us. (The obscenities were all part of exuberant and apparently hysterical stories, not used to yell at the servers.)

If that’s not real impossible-to-fake atmosphere, I don’t know what is.

p.s. Did I mention our waiter was an adorable old Russian man? I wanted to eat him up too. In a non-sexy way. Like you want to eat up a little puppy.

Wild Bangkok

While I’ve been sick–of the physical and home variety–lately, I am still loving  the Big City.

Which includes a restaurant the Boyfriend and I discovered just before Christmas break. We were wandering downtown, doing some shopping for Christmas, mostly at the new H&M store (whaaat!) and it was freezing and I was so stressed out.

I was sick, work was driving me insane, and I had a million things to do before leaving for home. (Aww…).

The BF and I decided to grab some food–we tried an Italian place we’d heard of, but that was crazy crowded and expensive.

Then–we saw it.

Down a side street, a small, unobtrusive sign. All I saw was “Thai” and we made a beeline.

That’s right, folks. Wild Bangkok Bar & Grill, just off of 16th Street in Denver.

Amazing. (Spoiler alert..)

We sat on the floor on cushions, in a dark quiet corner, with Chang beers in our hands (some of my favorite from the trip) and devoured Cashew Nut Chicken and, of course, Pad Thai.

I’m not going to pretend the food was as good as it is in Thailand–um, it’s Thailand–but it was preetttyyy darn close. I can never find the perfect Pad Thai, so I hardly ever order it, but the BF definitely inhaled his.

As for my Cashew Nut Chicken, well, I was lickin’ my plate clean as well. The sauce! The cashews! The vegetables were fresh, the chicken was flavorful and not even a little bit dry. And it all went down very easy with my Chang.

It was the first time in weeks I was able to relax. That says a lot.

And not just because of the beer.

Mostly because of the atmosphere. (Okay, the beer helped.)

Somehow, even though the place was crowded, and the bar was hoppin’  (they have lanyards of Chang for just a few bucks so…people were enjoying that) it felt like it was just the two of us. We were in the corner, and it was surprisingly private and quiet.

At least we had the illusion of privacy, which works for me.

Also, we got to sit on the floor. Who doesn’t love to sit on the floor and eat??

The sitting-on-the-floor and the expansive Thai decor complete with candles all provided another illusion: one where, when you walk out the door, you would actually be in the lush jungle of Northern Thailand.

So, if you’re in the Denver area, go to Wild Bangkok.

Make sure to request seating in the Northern Thai area!

Or hey, why don’t I just take you? (I want to go again and again and again…)

It’s even on me–it’s as close as I might get to Southeast Asia for awhile.


But at least I have Wild Bangkok to hold me over for now… 🙂



Well, as this week has been a wonderful, overwhelming, fascinating, intimidating, frightening, and JAM-PACKED week of orientation for my (rapidly becoming beloved) Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation, I haven’t written much.

BUT, for your pleasure (and for my mental health), I decided to do a light, fun post: my first ever RESTAURANT review!

Here’s a hint:

Need more?


Last weekend, Eric and I had the pleasure of (finally) sampling a famous, local Denver “a.m. eatery” called Snooze. There are several locations, and still the waiting was almost an hour!

We decided we had to try it, so we moseyed next door to the Macy’s and dreamed over the fancy kitchen supplied (well, I dreamed) while we waited to escape the heat.

Too many people were waiting inside, you see. Which always bodes well for a restaurant, no?

That was the only unfortunate part of the whole experience (and our waitress was a bit odd) but the food was fantastic. Of course, I had heard good things about the pancakes, and I assumed that would be the focus of  their menu–but it was huge! Our neighbors had a very intriguing omelette with cream cheese–my favorite.

We both still ordered pancakes, however, as it had been declared a pancake morning–me, the sweet potato with ginger butter, and Eric order lemon blueberry bar pancakes.

While we were waiting, I read about the founder’s experience with in Guatemala and his decision to only stock coffee grown locally there–which made me like the place before I even had a bite of food!

In no time at all, our weird but nice waitress swept out with our food, and the wait, let me tell you, was worth it!

Clever, unique recipes, and my pancakes were delish. I even liked (as in, I made sure it was completely slathered over my ‘cakes) the ginger butter, which sounded plain odd to me. I didn’t taste much of Eric’s food as I was too involved in my own, but what I tasted didn’t disappoint! They were huge–I couldn’t finish mine unfortunately–and just about $20 for the two of us! Not bad for the big city!

We’ll definitely be going back there, and if you ever come to visit, I promise I’ll take you there as well. 🙂 Plus, their menu changes seasonally…I saw some ‘cakes that involved pineapple that I might not be able to resist…

That’s all for now, folks, as my brain even feels like mush. I came home and tried to read a fascinating book we were given, In the Deep Heart’s Core by Michael Johnston (who also happens to be a Senator here in Colorado and on the board for CIHAD!), and even though I am completely impassioned with the subject of educational reform, I just couldn’t engage.

So, time to watch some Bones and maybe take a bath!