It’s Not a Competition

Or so I tried to tell myself this morning at my first (of regular) yoga class.

I’ve taken the random class before, and I think I used a DVD a few times, but I’ve done lots of random classes and used many random DVDs in my quest for fitness.

A post for another time.

Today, I started yoga with the knowledge that it will be a weekly/bi-weekly event in my life for the foreseeable future.

At the Opportunity Center, a nonprofit group is providing yoga, for free, for the residents of the housing project, and my boss (and the O Center) is letting me and my co-workers join for free, as well!

I was (am) excited about this–my main issue with working out (well, besides lack of motivation) is that I’m really busy and at the end of the day, I collapse in bed or hop in the tub with my Nook (safely sealed in a Ziploc). Incorporating it into the workday? Perfect! What could go wrong?

My competitive nature, that’s what.

Don’t worry, nothing terrible happened–I didn’t seriously injure myself, or anyone else, and the only thing showing any damage is the table, perhaps–but I am really sore.

If my co-worker–who has never done yoga–can bend her body into a pretzel, why shouldn’t I be able to?

She’s already the marathon runner. I’m supposed to be the yoga “expert” of the group, can’t I have this one little thing?


She’s folding her body into a position that instantly sends every muscle into SCREAM on me, but I keep trying.

Now, I can barely walk.

But hey, I still feel kind of limber and loose, and I am determined that, by the time this class is over, I will  be able to do this:

That’s totally possible!

Just you wait and see.


I have an exciting announcement, loyal blog readers! I realized upon “cleaning” out my hard drive that I have quite the accumulation of lists. As the world clearly is dying to be privy to the lists of one Amy McMahon from Montana, I decided to do a weekly post featuring my TOP TEN: they’ll be both themed and random. Look for them every weekend! Also, if you have any ideas, feel free to send ’em my way!

Now, without further ado, I present to you this week’s TOP TEN:

The List Of EUREKAS! I’ve Found During The Lifestyle Change, The Long Days, My Obsession With Recipes and Travel Sites, Walking My Dogs, and Other Daily Activities, At Least In Recent Memory:

1. Greek yogurt: 14 grams of protein. Mmmm, especially with fruit-on-the-bottom!

2. Netflix Instant Queue: I’m a little behind on this, but I am addicted and have been watching ridiculous made-for-TV movies from my childhood I never thought I’d see again (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, anyone?). Hey, makes the cleaning seem less bothersome at least!

3. Whole grain pasta. I loooooooooove pasta but unfortunately, I always feel slightly guilty for eating so many carbs that aren’t packed with nutrients (thanks for that one, Mom) but HALLELUJAH for these babies.

4. Peanut Butter Fingers. Another health and fitness blog…great energy and ideas!

5. Mod Cloth. Not that I can afford any of these adorable dresses, but there’s usually no harm in looking…except for the times when I find one that’s almost out of stock and perfectly flattering for my curvaceous form. You can’t say no to that kind of perfection, my friend.

6. Idealist. Check it out if you’re looking for a job in the nonprofit sector!

7. Raclette.  This awesome, traditional Swiss dish that my friend recently introduced me to. The original recipe involved melting the cheese on rocks, but we used a modern Raclette grill, with little slots to melt the cheese, and a grill on top for the sausage!

8. Moleskin. Just like Hemingway. Except I finally found a not-too-expensive one that’s the perfect size with calendar space AND list space. Aha! (The bright spot to the demise of the local Borders: sales!).

9. Spring skiing. Mostly because there are $25 dollar days where you don’t freeze your butt off, you get some fresh tracks (albeit in, well, April snow) and there’s nobody on the mountain!

10. Dark chocolate Cadbury eggs: One of my favorite things about Easter–now in a slightly-healthier flavor! (Had to throw this one in honor of said upcoming holiday).

(If you hadn’t guessed, I still remain unemployed, except as a drudge for my dear mother).

Spring Cleaning

Although it doesn’t feel much like spring here (Montana in March…lots of slushy, flurry fun) it’s still time for some major cleaning in my life.

My cousin is coming to visit (yay! I just spent two months with her in Southeast Asia and the separation anxiety is rough) and in this household, every time a visitor comes the house must be scoured from top to bottom, a.k.a everything shoved under beds, into closets, and the guest room (at the moment, my room, but whatever) will be scrubbed and vacuumed.

You should know this about me now: I hate cleaning. I especially hate cleaning at my parents’ house, which has accumulated the massive amounts of crap left behind by three in-and-out college students and my pack-rat parents for almost twenty years now, which makes any kind of cleaning twice as annoying due to the need to shift the endless piles and piles. It’s definitely hypocritical of me to hate the cleaning because a lot of the piles are certainly mine, but I hate it anyway.

(My parents have always given me a lot of flack for being a pack-rat…but after helping my dad clean out his office and helping my mother clean out their closet, I have full proof of my genes screwing me over when I was still a twinkle in the eye).

So, in between interviews (still no job, although I actually have a few strong leads and might be getting paid to write soon) I have been dragging myself around the house, cleaning and organizing. I proudly filled an entire tub full of give-away clothes, many of which were unfortunately “why did I buy this?” or “when did I buy this?” or “is this seriously the shirt I was wearing in my yearbook picture when I was a sophomore in high school?”

One thing I’ve found to make scrubbing part of the process easier: Kaboom. It’s probably a little immature that I bought it just because it changes color (from purple to white) when it’s clean, but hey, it makes me actually do the cleaning, so that’s something, right?

Another reason for the (somewhat) deep cleaning is my impending relocation. I’m not officially moving yet, but it WILL happen (rah rah rah!). And when I actually get a job and do move away, I want the process to not take the entire summer, and I definitely do not want to merely shove my leftover belongings in the basement like the rest of my family, a crime I have also been committing for awhile now…is there any hope for me?

Okay, now that I’ve procrastinated some more, I feel guilty enough about not cleaning to propel me into working for oh, half an hour or so, nonstop!

Talk about rah, rah, rah!

100! And Counting

Today I hit a milestone on this blog: 100 blog hits!

courtesy of

Which, when reading one of my favorite blogs, doesn’t seem like much when I realize said blog has gotten upwards of 88,000 hits.

But that’s okay, because I’ve only started this blog a few weeks ago…so 100 feels pretty good right now! Thanks to all of you 100 beautiful, lovely people who are taking time (or wasting time) and reading my little blog!

In the spirit of counting, I’ve also started calorie-counting, as part of my lifestyle change, not necessarily to lose weight, but just to have some idea what I am eating. Of course, within in two days, I was stressing out about whether I’d put two tablespoons or one of I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter on my bagel and how detrimental it was if I went over my goal for the day. (My mom informed me both she and my grandmother used to go through phases of only eating 1200 calories a day: this seems totally unfeasible and a little unhealthy, especially when my mom said that “you just get used to being hungry…” Thanks, but no thanks).

So, to stop obsessing over butter, I eased up a bit, but it’s still interesting to see what I eat–give it a shot, if you never have! I tend to obsess over numbers, so I’m not terribly strict (just like I refuse to weigh myself, as it sends me into a spiral of searching the internet for celebrities who weigh the same and still look pretty-dang-good) but still.

On a different note, I discovered an exercise that totally gets your blood moving…shoveling hella-heavy spring snow. Whew! Sore.

Up next:  accounts of my interviews–now up to FIVE in the last week! And one of them is a local job that’s actually interesting…who would have thunk??