The Quarter-Century Arrives

Today, is the day.

The day I usher in my 25th year and say sayonara to the first quarter (ideally) of my life.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I find this a wee bit depressing.

Which is simply not acceptable since it’s my birthday, and it comes with everything that entails, like an ice cream cake, presents, a birthday dress and many other happy things.

Since it’s not okay to be sad when I’m still a “youngster” (as my younger sister put it…she’s always been an old soul) I started off my birthday by compiling a list of the all the great things about life in general.

And since that was so broad I started to stress myself out, I decided to find 25 simple things that prove the cliche “it’s the little things.”

1. Crossing things off my life to-do list. (If I start counting how much I still need to do I cry. So I re-cross off a lot). To broaden it, crossing anything off any  list makes me quite content.

2. Pets. All of them I’ve ever had have brought some smiles to my life. Even the frog my sister killed. Even my brother’s snake. (I suppose I can’t really remember when the snake itself made me smile. It’s a snake. But it was named Fluffy so that brings a smile).

3. The Office.

4. Love.

talk about love. these two (my crazy grandparents) just had their 60TH anniversary!

5. Baby things. Baby animals, mostly.

6. Trees.

7. Coffee.

8.  A birthday dress.

9. Fall fashion.


10. A new planner.


11. Instagrammin.’

12. Helping my best friend with her wedding. Even though I might go insane, it’s really fun. And watching another of my best friends getting happily married, too… 🙂

happy happy bride!



14. My dog that wags her tail every time I look at her.


15. Books with happy endings.

16. Ordering new glasses.

17. Travel books.

18. Ice cream cake. And cake in general. And cupcakes. Especially from friends on your birthday!


19. Humans are lucky: we get a lot of fresh starts. Even if we have a short life, every day is fresh.

20. Yoga…outside.

that’s my grandma again, doing yoga. Outside. And she’s way better than me. I might be ashamed if I wasn’t just in awe.

21. The best month of the year (besides December and October…) living up to my high standards.

22. Finishing my AmeriCorps hours!  Service year, check!

23.  My peeps. (And the fact that I’m lucky enough to have peeps, and to have peeps who don’t stop talking to me because I call them “my peeps.” I am eternally grateful that none of my friends have ever disowned me…including the Boyfriend…when I let my love of vernacular and accents carry me away. Sometimes this happens in very public places so really, thanks, peeps.)

24. The Boyfriend. (Read this post. I’m lucky).

25. Oh YEAH! Redesigning my blog and finally getting back into it make me really, really happy. (And I hope this makes YOU happy, too).

Romance and New Blogs

I recently discovered a new blog, The Everywhereist, that I like so much I went back to the beginning to read the whole story.

It’s that good.

I’m also stuck at home, sick, but it’s still good.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of the Everywhereist. Not too jealous, because in spite of the facts that a) She gets to travel the world, b) She gets to travel the world and write about it, and c) She gets to travel the world with her adorable husband in their adorable coupleness, she is a few years older than me. Which means I still have plenty of time.

(Did I mention the Everywhereist was also one of Time’s Top Blogs of 2011? Maybe I’m more than a little jealous).

Last night, in a brief hour of lucidity from the illness of death (I’m not dramatic at all) I was reading the old archives and stumbled upon this post. It’s true; the Everywhereist and her husband Rand have one of those relationships where you can see their giddy love for each other pouring out of their pores.

I mention this to my boyfriend, who is gamely sitting with me on the couch (I’ve been sick for several days now…).

“Look how cute they are! He says that if she didn’t exist, he’d invent her…Would you invent me?”

(I am such a girl sometimes).

His response?

“Sure, baby. I’d make a robot you. Then I’d be one of those weird creepy guys who only dates robots.”


(I didn’t realize we were actually technologically advanced enough for said creepy guys to exist, but the BF is  an electrical engineer, so I suppose he would know).


I have discovered a new, most beautiful site: Pinterest!

That’s right…you can collect bits and pieces you find all over the internet, and “pin” them all to one place! I love this because I constantly am leaving tabs open for days to remember something I find, saving random pictures of beautiful places to “find” them later, and copying recipes into Word documents.

Come check out my site here!

In the meantime, I was recently reading some good how-to-blog advice at Peanut Butter Fingers, a health and fitness blog I follow, and she suggested that it’s best to find a FOCUS for a blog.

I can’t even find a focus for my life much less my blog but…

Any ideas? 🙂

I would like it to be about travel, but I won’t be traveling too much the next year. Healthy eating…I do like to cook. Fitness…I’m working on that one. Moving to a new city and moving in with a boy will certainly be huge parts of my life in the fall, and will definitely be incorporated into my posts. I suppose they could all be about Denver! I suppose they probably will be about Denver…

Perhaps I should just enjoy being unfocused for a little while longer.