100! And Counting

Today I hit a milestone on this blog: 100 blog hits!

courtesy of aperfectworld.org

Which, when reading one of my favorite blogs, doesn’t seem like much when I realize said blog has gotten upwards of 88,000 hits.

But that’s okay, because I’ve only started this blog a few weeks ago…so 100 feels pretty good right now! Thanks to all of you 100 beautiful, lovely people who are taking time (or wasting time) and reading my little blog!

In the spirit of counting, I’ve also started calorie-counting, as part of my lifestyle change, not necessarily to lose weight, but just to have some idea what I am eating. Of course, within in two days, I was stressing out about whether I’d put two tablespoons or one of I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter on my bagel and how detrimental it was if I went over my goal for the day. (My mom informed me both she and my grandmother used to go through phases of only eating 1200 calories a day: this seems totally unfeasible and a little unhealthy, especially when my mom said that “you just get used to being hungry…” Thanks, but no thanks).

So, to stop obsessing over butter, I eased up a bit, but it’s still interesting to see what I eat–give it a shot, if you never have! I tend to obsess over numbers, so I’m not terribly strict (just like I refuse to weigh myself, as it sends me into a spiral of searching the internet for celebrities who weigh the same and still look pretty-dang-good) but still.

On a different note, I discovered an exercise that totally gets your blood moving…shoveling hella-heavy spring snow. Whew! Sore.

Up next: ¬†accounts of my interviews–now up to FIVE in the last week! And one of them is a local job that’s actually interesting…who would have thunk??