Turn and Face the Change (Ch-Ch-Changes)

Ok. Those aren’t exactly the correct words (thought I would put that upfront lest there be any David Bowie lyric-police out there) but forgive me my ch-ch-changing.

I have started writing a dozen different blog posts over the last month–never to be finished. However, this week I read some advice about blogging–just write. The advice was to write, even about what may seem to be boring everyday stuff–but it’s the only way to keep it up!

So, I’ll work on it. I’m not giving up on this baby!

As they say, the times, they are a-changing! Part of me is saying…IT’S ABOUT TIME!…and the other part wants to crawl under my old quilt with a Harry Potter book while watching Gilmore Girls and hide from all the changes hitting me in the face.

This is a strange year change-wise. While many of my friends have been leaving the last two years–those odd ones who actually finished their degree in four years–this summer the last hold outs are, for the most part, taking off and starting the next phase. This summer I’m taking off–although I do that a lot, but usually I had to come back, and this time I (hopefully) won’t.

this image makes me laugh.

I’ll be off into a new life–a world without new Harry Potters (yes, I’m obsessed, and YES, I read them first!)–although who am I kidding, I’ll read them again–where I’m ideally changing the world, finding several passions, becoming a published author, travelling the world and staying in love with my current flame.

My mom, reading this over my shoulder (oh, the lack of privacy…) informed me, in so many words, ideally is a word that’s always going to bite you in the a**.

(She didn’t say a**, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say that…damn is still shocking come out of her strictly Lutheran lips, but close enough).

But whatever, I’m not giving up on ideally yet, either!