I start my job tomorrow!!!!!

Which is good, because I’m not a very good housewife.

I'm sometimes a little more enthusiastic than this...

I’m also learning that living with a boy is fraught with complications.

Although, to be fair, I think Eric is a fairly clean member of their species. Sure, the bathtub had muddy footprints in it upon my arrival (a huge mishap if one knows my penchant for tubs) but that wasn’t so hard to clean.

After all, I did visit my brother in several of his apartments, and one of them had a literal layer of grime, dirt, and scum in the tub. So I can handle a few footprints.

(Plus my travels through South America and Southeast Asia has given me a wide experience in what a truly awful “bathroom” is.)

However, while I always thought Eric to be fairly anal, he is when it comes to his side of the closet and his desk and his gear and his car. The kitchen and basic cleaning? Not so much. I am well known as a messy, chaotic disaster of a housekeeper and organizer, but apparently, my this-is-so-gross-I-can’t-stand-it level comes a lot sooner than a that of a boy.

I can’t say I really mind cleaning our charming little apartment–especially the kitchen, which is my favorite room. (It has granite countertops! I feel like a queen!) It’s kind of fun to clean our dishes and unload our dishwasher and cook food that we bought.

But, I’m getting bored. I hardly ever get bored–I always have a book, or a project, or show/movie lined up. I always have a blog I want to write, or a place I want to research, or a place I want to explore, or stuff I need to plan (I do a lot of planning).

Not to mention catching up on all of my blogs and Pinterest.

However, I know only Eric here, and I never realize how social I am in Bozeman until I leave it.

That combined with my very real fear of driving here (SO MANY cars! going SO FAST!) and the excessive heat, I am getting a little stir crazy.

I’m really, really excited for my job. While our apartment is in Aurora/Centennial–kind of far away from the city–my main office is right in the middle of everything. I might even get to take the light rail there, which to my little city self, sounds pretty exotic and exciting.

Who knows how long that will last. 🙂

Well, since I only have one day of orientation before I have a four-day weekend, I’ll be sure to keep all you loyal readers updated on my new, grown-up, big girl job!

Spring Cleaning

Although it doesn’t feel much like spring here (Montana in March…lots of slushy, flurry fun) it’s still time for some major cleaning in my life.

My cousin is coming to visit (yay! I just spent two months with her in Southeast Asia and the separation anxiety is rough) and in this household, every time a visitor comes the house must be scoured from top to bottom, a.k.a everything shoved under beds, into closets, and the guest room (at the moment, my room, but whatever) will be scrubbed and vacuumed.

You should know this about me now: I hate cleaning. I especially hate cleaning at my parents’ house, which has accumulated the massive amounts of crap left behind by three in-and-out college students and my pack-rat parents for almost twenty years now, which makes any kind of cleaning twice as annoying due to the need to shift the endless piles and piles. It’s definitely hypocritical of me to hate the cleaning because a lot of the piles are certainly mine, but I hate it anyway.

(My parents have always given me a lot of flack for being a pack-rat…but after helping my dad clean out his office and helping my mother clean out their closet, I have full proof of my genes screwing me over when I was still a twinkle in the eye).

So, in between interviews (still no job, although I actually have a few strong leads and might be getting paid to write soon) I have been dragging myself around the house, cleaning and organizing. I proudly filled an entire tub full of give-away clothes, many of which were unfortunately “why did I buy this?” or “when did I buy this?” or “is this seriously the shirt I was wearing in my yearbook picture when I was a sophomore in high school?”

One thing I’ve found to make scrubbing part of the process easier: Kaboom. It’s probably a little immature that I bought it just because it changes color (from purple to white) when it’s clean, but hey, it makes me actually do the cleaning, so that’s something, right?

Another reason for the (somewhat) deep cleaning is my impending relocation. I’m not officially moving yet, but it WILL happen (rah rah rah!). And when I actually get a job and do move away, I want the process to not take the entire summer, and I definitely do not want to merely shove my leftover belongings in the basement like the rest of my family, a crime I have also been committing for awhile now…is there any hope for me?

Okay, now that I’ve procrastinated some more, I feel guilty enough about not cleaning to propel me into working for oh, half an hour or so, nonstop!

Talk about rah, rah, rah!