It’s Not a Competition

Or so I tried to tell myself this morning at my first (of regular) yoga class.

I’ve taken the random class before, and I think I used a DVD a few times, but I’ve done lots of random classes and used many random DVDs in my quest for fitness.

A post for another time.

Today, I started yoga with the knowledge that it will be a weekly/bi-weekly event in my life for the foreseeable future.

At the Opportunity Center, a nonprofit group is providing yoga, for free, for the residents of the housing project, and my boss (and the O Center) is letting me and my co-workers join for free, as well!

I was (am) excited about this–my main issue with working out (well, besides lack of motivation) is that I’m really busy and at the end of the day, I collapse in bed or hop in the tub with my Nook (safely sealed in a Ziploc). Incorporating it into the workday? Perfect! What could go wrong?

My competitive nature, that’s what.

Don’t worry, nothing terrible happened–I didn’t seriously injure myself, or anyone else, and the only thing showing any damage is the table, perhaps–but I am really sore.

If my co-worker–who has never done yoga–can bend her body into a pretzel, why shouldn’t I be able to?

She’s already the marathon runner. I’m supposed to be the yoga “expert” of the group, can’t I have this one little thing?


She’s folding her body into a position that instantly sends every muscle into SCREAM on me, but I keep trying.

Now, I can barely walk.

But hey, I still feel kind of limber and loose, and I am determined that, by the time this class is over, I will  be able to do this:

That’s totally possible!

Just you wait and see.

The Last Week in April

Can you believe it’s May?

1. Phish Food Frozen Yogurt. Thank you, Ben & Jerry.

2. My Neti pot. I was really skeptical about this several years ago when a friend showed me a video (why would I voluntarily squirt something up my nose?) but I was so desperate (and it was 3 a.m., so I was also delirious) that I tried it. Now I’m convert and I’m spreadin’ the word! It really works, and gives me such a relief from sinus pressure!

3. My NEW NOOK! Also obsessed with this gift from my awesome boyfriend. I was never particularly interested in these; I’m too obsessed with books, their smell, having them surround me constantly. (Does anyone else need to have a least ten books on their to-read roster? I feel lost and depressed if I don’t have books planned out to read.) However, my Nook is invaluable for travel–I can’t wait to go somewhere even more now! Now I can fit more clothes in my bag instead of lugging ten books…

4. Project Gutenberg. On the same note as a my Nook, Project Gutenberg is full of free, downloadable classics. Yummy.

5. Ditch dip. There’s a little cafe nearby called The Ditch, and they have a dip I’m addicted to now: black beans, low-fat cheese, non-fat sour cream, and salsa.

6. Anywhere There’s An Airport. A new blog I found, check it out! So fun.

7. Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies. Like almost-healthy goldfish…heaven for the snack queen attempting to go healthy.

8. Buy Ireland. Yes, I discovered that you can buy a piece of Ireland for yourself (or a gift). I don’t know why I find it amazing (most seem to find it a waste of money) but you can buy about a square foot of land in the Irish countryside. I’m still enchanted by Ireland after my visit (see here) and now I’m hoping to go back to visit my little piece of it (they give you a map!)…that is, if I can ever save the money…the whole 50 buckaroos. Or if I can convince someone to buy it as a gift! 😉

You are enchanted too, admit it!

9. Settlers of Catan: Seafarers Edition. This probably exposes me as a complete nerd, but I’m obsessed with Catan, and Seafarers Edition does not disappoint!

10. Al Jazeera. A surprisingly (well, to my inexperienced eye) unbiased place for news.