An Update from the Road

Hello from Brussels!

I know. I can’t keep track either. The fog that is jet lag (who wants to be my BFF) doesn’t help much, either.

A quick update:

I finished my internship for the Institute of Psychology this past Monday! After a few more days in Beijing, I flew to Europe to meet the Boyfriend for two glorious, is-this-real-life weeks of vacation.

I am currently sitting in the Brussels airport, waiting for his flight to arrive. I am sitting in the Stella Artois Cafe, arguing with myself about getting a beer. It is Belgium, after all. However, it is barely 11 a.m. and I’m certain a beer will not help me escape from the fog.

Even though I have left China behind me, it feels like an unfinished experience. Not only because I have a lot to update on the blog–including pandas (!) and the Great Wall (!!), but due to the fact that I barely dipped my toe in the ocean of China.

While traveling, you can never see everything you want to (or at least, I never can) and it’s something I’ve grudgingly learned to accept. However, when reflecting on past traveling experiences, there were one or two more places I would have liked to have seen, one or two more places I would have liked to  linger.

In Peru, I would have enjoyed seeing the Nazca Lines.

In Thailand, Phuket remains on my list.

In Ireland, I never did get to see Dublin.

You get the idea–you see some, you miss some.

I was not expecting this to happen to me in China, however. I went into China with few expectations, other than seeing a panda and the Great Wall, because I knew I would be devoting most of my time to work. I also mistakenly believed that the China of my imagination would be right on the surface.

Instead, you have to hunt for it. China is in the midst of an Industrial Revolution of sorts, and the China you expect to see has been buried under this progress. It’s not impossible to find–I found it on the Great Wall in a thunderstorm, in a small mountain village, at an old temple in Beijing.

Another thing about visiting a new places is that, within that place, there are all sorts of new places you have never heard of, and once you do, they get added to your list, as well.

sorry for the repeat. it's a good one, and I am in an airport, after all.

sorry for the repeat. it’s a good one, and I am in an airport, after all.

So, China, I’ll be back. It may be awhile, and who knows how much you will have changed. But, as my translator informed me, “China will still be here, even if you come back as an old lady.”

Well, I hope to be back sooner than that, China, but either way, it’s not a forever goodbye.

Summer It’s A-Coming!

I realized today that I leave for my internship in CHINA in 5 weeks.



Excuse me while I go throw up a little.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly excited.

I also have 10,000 things to do before I leave.

Such as…

Go home.

Watch my sister graduate college.

Throw my friend a rockin’ bachelorette party.

Watch my friends get married (and give a speech to 300 people).

Drive back with two of our friends.

Take finals.

PASS finals.

Visit with my mama for one night!

Pack, pack, pack.

Spend as much time with the Boyfriend as possible.

Plan our part of the summer a little more before I leave!



June 11, 2013.

Now I need to go eat a piece of chocolate and write this paper.

p.s. Any ideas for fun bachelorette party games that are mellow? Pass it on 🙂


Weekly Ten: May 3, 2013

Happy May! Did you have a lovely, spring-y May Day?

We didn’t. Colorado, in it’s usual fashion, snowed on the first day of May. Although I logically know that Colorado gets the majority of it’s snow in March and April (which is a lot, it is Colorado), this year I am struggling with the lack of spring. I want it to be green around here, already! Can you believe there are still no leaves on the trees?!

Even though it’s not spring, I’m still pretending it is, by zip-lining this weekend with the Boyfriend and going to a Rockies game. I hope you have a great weekend, too, whatever the weather where you are!

1. I recently bought this dress at Anthropologie (where I buy many of my gifts, such as this mug, for pretty much everyone I know) for a decent price. Don’t you love the pockets? It’s sort of like this dress that I’ve been lusting after for quite some time.

2. The San Francisco Zoo has a new baby. I follow them on Instagram just to see as many photos of this cutie as possible. It never fails to brighten my day!

try not to squeal. I dare ya.

try not to squeal. I dare ya.

3. I’ve finally finalized my trip for this summer! I’ll write more later, but when I finish my internship in August, the Boyfriend and I are meeting in Belgium. Yes, we chose Belgium as it’s supposedly a gastronomic paradise. Don’t judge us. We are only spending a few days there, so eating all the chocolate, fries, waffles and drinking all the beer we can won’t be so harmful. 🙂

belgian chocolate

4. In the spirit of my upcoming voyages, here are some helpful sites for my fellow travelers: visit Le Travel Store for travel gadgets and visit Insure My Trip to purchase the best travel insurance for you.

5. Cinco de Mayo this weekend! Let’s eat this. And these.

6. May the fourth be with you!

keep calm

7. This site always has fun gift ideas–here are some for graduation (I have many of these coming up! Including my baby sister who is graduating from college, and my brother who is completing his master’s!)

8. These may be the cutest Tom’s on the market. (Although these are pretty fun, too).

9. As part of one of my internships (I have three…I overburden myself) I attended a legislative hearing on this bill in Colorado (it’s currently moving through the House). It was fascinating to see the process! It made me reconsider policy as part of my career path…stay tuned. (More immigration related news in Denver here).

10. Since I’ve recently cut sugar out of my life (except from my morning coffee) I really haven’t been craving it, except in the last few nights I’ve been having dreams about candy. Yes. Candy. And which candy do you suppose I am dreaming about? Nothing fancy, and not anything I’ve had in years, but these. I’m apparently a girl of simple pleasures. (If you’ve given up sugar, do you have any tips for me?)

Weekend Things

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This weekend was full of the best things: a spontaneous visit from a life-long friend (on her BIRTHDAY, no less!), quality time with many other friends, and crossing to-do’s off my Colorado Wish List! And, you can’t forget the beer, … Continue reading