Everything They Say About Exercise is True

And I have to say, it can be really annoying, especially when my inner middle-child rebel instantly wants to do the opposite of what my mother suggests, particularly when she suggests it often and vehemently.

So, in my typical fashion, I ignored her advice for a long time, but I got sick of depending on my traditional traveling illness, as many of you who often frequent airports/third world countries/anywhere that has germs that are foreign to your body can attest to, to provide me with handy shedding of a few extra pounds. Especially now, with no such adventure on the horizon…

This is a long-winded way of saying I have started this new “lifestyle change,” although it’s more of several lifestyle alterations due to my lack of follow-through. I think part of this comes from sheer boredom, but also it’s one of the circumstances of returning from a trip: the slight desperation to avoid being EXACTLY who you were before. Furthermore, I kind of realized I was getting a little curvier and while I am already the voluptuous one in my family (mysteriously, but that’s for another day) I decided that I don’t necessarily want all of these curves, especially the ones on my chest that seem to personally contain every extra bowl of ice cream.

To combat these ice cream pounds (and you know, to stay healthy and live longer and have more energy and all of that, and really, exercise does make me feel so much better…I would insert here that ‘I should have listened to my mother’ but I just can’t) I found an exercise routine that kind of works for me!

It’s in the form of Cardio Ballroom Dancing (you can laugh if you want to–the UPS man sure did when he happened to ring the doorbell during my routine, conveniently during the “shake everything you have!” part) and Pilates in my parent’s living room. And let’s not forget the occasional skiing/hiking jaunt. Skiing is usually fun, despite my two left feet (made worse when attached to pieces of wood), although the season¬†is ending soon. (Not that after my experience today of falling halfway down a cliff and having to climb back up, carting my skis, makes me much enamored of downhill skiing at this point…I so earned this Cadbury egg). But that is one of the keys I’ve found to working out–make it fun! Do I sound too much like a perky gym instructor?

Anyway, stay tuned to see how well the exercise routine goes–so far I’ve been keeping it fairly steady with bribery…it is a lifestyle so hopefully it will become part of my so-called life.

It’ll be a crazy ride–who knows what will happen when I finally get a job, or heaven forbid, a career, and am rudely awakened with the real world custom of time-juggling.