Don’t You Love Love Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely day filled with lots of love from all the various sources in yo’ life. I know I am one lucky girl–even though I’m realizing that holidays can be bittersweet days, too, just like a regular day.

(Yet another lesson in “growing up”).

I got to visit a couple of kids I never get to see, and they were really excited.

One of them lied to me, though, and it broke my heart a little.

NEXT, I received Valentine’s from my co-workers which I loved.

However, one of the cards mentioned “how much I’m gonna miss you next year” and reminded me that in just six months I will be out of a job and grad school is still a blurry what-if.

Then, I got another interview to a grad school program–my second one! and they’re my top two dream programs!–and suddenly I wasn’t feeling so sad anymore.

BUT, I came home to what I hope is my only rejection letter. (I kept saying “first” so now I’m trying to catch myself and stay positivo!).

And then…the Boyfriend came home with flowers, candy, ART, a mushy tear-inducing card, the whole shebang, (yeah, I am one serious lucky duck) and suddenly I remembered I didn’t really want that program, anyway. I remembered that even though this job is short-lived, and the kids can break my heart, I am still lovin’ it. I remembered that I’ve gotten a plethora of love texts today, and really, life is too short to be bowed by rejection for long.

Especially when it’s time for some homemade pizza.

extra cheesy can always make you happy, too.

Lots of love to all of you!! xoxo.