Silence No More

Hello out there!  I’m officially breaking my radio silence with a post about my FUTURE!

That’s news.

This past week has been a whirlwind: I helped my boyfriend move down to Denver, which equaled many lo-o-o-ong hours in a U-Haul, towing his car through eastern Montana, Wyoming, and northern Colorado. All of these states are gorgeous right now thanks to copious amounts of rain (which I really am not a huge fan of, but yum, green) but Wyoming…it’s a tad endless, I’m not gonna lie.

Anyway, after fruitlessly apartment-hunting (I’ve learned that I’m a perfectionist…who knew?) for several days we hopped on a plane for Portland, the coast, a quick family visit, Seattle, and the U2 concert. Most of this was unplanned when we landed in Portland, after a layover in Phoenix (why go south??? A mystery) but it was a fun, if exhausting weekend!

Now I’m back at work, still fairly tired and wondering when I’m going to learn to take a relaxing vacation.

Well, clearly, relaxing is too boring for me, because, folks, while in Denver…I did, in fact, get a JOB!!!!!

So, starting in August, this will be my new view:

Ok…maybe not, but I can dream ;).

Big Stuff

It was a happening week. Graduations, moving-aways, graduate school decisions, big job offers, moving dates set…for everyone but me, that is.
Not that it wasn’t big to witness all of these events, like my boyfriend recieving his Master’s (!!) in Electrical Engineering, and waving off my life-long neighbor as she moved to Seattle, or hearing that my friend is officially being deployed in the army on June 6.
It got me thinking…it’s true that, as you get older, life seems to move so much faster. Suddenly it’s summer break (not that this matters to me, but at least maybe it will finally be sunny) and my sister will be moving home, my friends will be moving away, and I will have to make some big decisions.
But for now, I remain in the Waiting Place.
However, stay tuned on the decision front.
Congratulations to all of you and your big stuff, no matter how small!