Happy happy NEW YEAR!

It’s 2012. Can you believe it?

I hope you all rang in the new year and rang out the holiday season with lots of joy. While I was with the BF, which is always a good way to spend the holiday, I’m fighting of sickness–yet again–so it was a mellow evening.

Which gave me lots of time to think.

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2012 (in no particular order):

1. Moving to Denver!!

2. Getting my job! (A blanket statement that includes all of my new friends and new experiences that have gone along with said job).

3. Moving in with the Boyfriend!

4. Finally visiting Portland, Oregon!

5. Explorations in my new city!

6. Thanksgiving in Seattle and Christmas in Bozeman.

7. Starting this BLOG!

8. Skiing more!

9. Spending a few solid months living with my parents before moving out for REALS.

10. And, surprisingly, working at the nursing home!

‘Twas a good year, my friends, and I especially loved sharing it with you!

Now for 2012…here is what I want to happen. Resolutions, you might say.

1. Get into graduate school. (Say what? Stay tuned on that front!)

2. Make my first overseas excursion with the Boyfriend in tow. Poor thing, he always gets left behind! Or, at least finally go to New England to check out their fall foliage, baby.

3. Complete my job (it’s only a one-or-two-year commitment–I love it but I’m also ready to really start my career!) and continue to learn from it, and continue to make relationships with my kiddies.

4. Really commit myself to eating right and exercising.

5. That one’s so important it needs two. I’ve signed up for a long-term yoga class and this eight-week program to get you fit. I think it’s called Insanity and I’m scared, but I need to get my butt in gear.

6. Learn to be financially responsible. I need to stop spending money on boots (I have a serious illness) and save up for stuff! Like trips. I’m jonesing.

7. Scuba dive again! I loved it–read about my first experience here and my training adventures here.

8. Cook more. In addition, make bread. I got Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day (!!!) and I want to make sandwich bread and bread to give away as gives and sugary breads…pretty much all of them. On that note, I also have Mastering the Art of French Cooking that I’ve barely cracked open (it’s scary!) and I want to try to cook some truly complicated stuff out of that. Like a duck.

9. Actually learn to crochet. I sound like such a housewife. And maybe learn to knit too.

10. WRITE MORE. Keep tending to this baby.

11. Worry less. LET goooooo.

There you have it. I have a good feeling about 2012, and I hope all of you do too!!!! xo.

Romance and New Blogs

I recently discovered a new blog, The Everywhereist, that I like so much I went back to the beginning to read the whole story.

It’s that good.

I’m also stuck at home, sick, but it’s still good.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of the Everywhereist. Not too jealous, because in spite of the facts that a) She gets to travel the world, b) She gets to travel the world and write about it, and c) She gets to travel the world with her adorable husband in their adorable coupleness, she is a few years older than me. Which means I still have plenty of time.

(Did I mention the Everywhereist was also one of Time’s Top Blogs of 2011? Maybe I’m more than a little jealous).

Last night, in a brief hour of lucidity from the illness of death (I’m not dramatic at all) I was reading the old archives and stumbled upon this post. It’s true; the Everywhereist and her husband Rand have one of those relationships where you can see their giddy love for each other pouring out of their pores.

I mention this to my boyfriend, who is gamely sitting with me on the couch (I’ve been sick for several days now…).

“Look how cute they are! He says that if she didn’t exist, he’d invent her…Would you invent me?”

(I am such a girl sometimes).

His response?

“Sure, baby. I’d make a robot you. Then I’d be one of those weird creepy guys who only dates robots.”


(I didn’t realize we were actually technologically advanced enough for said creepy guys to exist, but the BF is  an electrical engineer, so I suppose he would know).