Weekly Ten: May 17, 2013

Today I leave for my home state to watch my sister graduate with her undergraduate degree! Can you believe this little bugger is off to physical therapy school next fall?!

baby k

Happy weekend, folks! Here’s hoping to some decent Montana weather for both my little sis’ grad and my friends’ wedding next weekend–it’s notoriously finicky here in May!

1. Prince Harry came to Colorado! Alas, we did not meet, but this happened. So cute. Have that baby already, Kate, so we can see more princely adorableness.

2. Another adorable man: John Krasinski (my long-term celebrity crush) lip-syncs to Katy Perry.

3. Normally I am not a huge fan of Old Navy’s fit, but I am loving their vintage tees. Some colors are on sale right now, too!

4. Photographer shoots her daughter as famous women. Awesome!

5. What do you think of Angelina Jolie’s choice for her health? Here is one opinion.

6. You must watch this Drivelapse USA video. It reminds me that I still have so much left to see of my own country! (tip: the states they’re in are named in the corner–I heard you could tell where the car was based on the landscape, but I had no idea most of the time!)

7. The military’s horrifying statistics regarding sexual assault.

8. And now, to lighten up the mood, a blog dedicated to the opinions of Suri Cruise (fictionally) that almost always makes me laugh.

9. Here’s a website of fun, unusual tours around the world! We plan on doing this one during our 20-hour layover in Iceland.

10. I keep having dreams that the bachelorette party I’m throwing this week is a huge flop. In one dream, I even had a child that I had to deal with while I ran to get prizes. Luckily, the internet is my BFF, and is full of ideas like this, so hopefully it won’t actually be a terrible night…

Summer It’s A-Coming!

I realized today that I leave for my internship in CHINA in 5 weeks.



Excuse me while I go throw up a little.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly excited.

I also have 10,000 things to do before I leave.

Such as…

Go home.

Watch my sister graduate college.

Throw my friend a rockin’ bachelorette party.

Watch my friends get married (and give a speech to 300 people).

Drive back with two of our friends.

Take finals.

PASS finals.

Visit with my mama for one night!

Pack, pack, pack.

Spend as much time with the Boyfriend as possible.

Plan our part of the summer a little more before I leave!



June 11, 2013.

Now I need to go eat a piece of chocolate and write this paper.

p.s. Any ideas for fun bachelorette party games that are mellow? Pass it on 🙂


The Big City

Guess who has a three-day weekend?

This girl!

I think I have the best job ever.

While it is the best, it’s also exhausting. So, for this lovely Friday, I’m going to do a round-up of what I’m loving about Denver so far!!

1. Domo. This incredible Japanese restaurant my boss took us too (See? Best job ever). After going here, I’ve decided I need to go to Japan. And learn exactly what I had so I can order it again!

2. The mix of old and new. Skyscrapers will be right next to several-hundred-year-old churches, and I love that.

3. My job. That’s obviously a given.

4. The Colorado Yogurt Company. Enough said. 🙂

5. The mountains. Okay, so I’m used to those from Montana, and they are actually farther away here, but they are always in the West! Handy! Plus they seem bigger. 🙂

6. Cherry Creek State Park. This is right by our apartment, and it’s so handy to have a trail to hit up on our bikes nearby! Especially as it hits fall (my favorite season, fyi). Also, the park is huge, and it’s nice to have a break from all the urban sprawl.

7. Variety. Of food, restaurants, shopping, things to do, places to see, and people. For instance, I work with several young African refugees, and there’s nothing I like better than finding out about different cultures.

8. Our apartment. As it gets unpacked (we’re really slow and unorganized) it becomes more of a haven. I love our kitchen, but my current favorite room is the closet:

Isn't it beautiful? And you can't even see the shoe part!

9. 16th Street Promenade. I know it’s touristy, but it’s also cute!

10. My proximity to here:

Estes Park!


Well, the first day of my new job involved a lot of numbers.

And a lot of math, unfortunately, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, here’s a sum of my FIRST DAY!

45 minutes: my commute time.

19.9 miles: total mileage of trip.

10: the number of times my new GPS (thanks Dad!) shouting “Keep left!” and such made me jump.

1: the number of times (noticed) that I was flipped off on the freeway.

3: the number of times I circled the building looking for a parking spot.

1: the number of times I went the wrong way down a one-way.

4-digit number: my educational award amount.

3-digit number: my monthly stipend.

6: other AmeriCorps members.

2: other AmeriCorps at my site, besides my site leader.

1: the number of times I spilled my coffee.

3: the number of young girls who asked “why is your hair so poufy?” (And I straightened it! A very rare occurence! Although apparently that hot stick is useless in the face of my hair.)

27: kids present at the Opportunity Center–where I will be spending most of my time from now on.

2: kids that may have actually liked me.

20: math homework problems that required my aid.

6: math problems I didn’t understand (mostly involving graphs).

3: math problems I couldn’t get right (mostly involving long multiplication).

1: math trick I was able to pass on.

0: years of math that I actually retained.

2: copies of The Idiot’s Guide to 5th Grade Math and Pre-Algebra I now need to purchase…if they exist.

9: hours on my first day.

1: hour stuck in traffic on my way home.

12: hours I slept in recovery.

Hopefully, you are not losing hope in me or the “I Have a Dream Foundation.” I may be way over my head…but it was only my first day. 🙂

Now, off to enjoy my four day weekend! Happy and safe one to all of you!