Orcas Island, Washington

As you may remember, this past summer the Boyfriend and I vacationed in the San Juan Islands (and other areas of Washington). Although we had both visited the main San Juan Island with Friday Harbor before, him as a Washington native, me with my parents during high school, neither of us had ever been to Orcas Island.

Although we planned more time in Friday Harbor, we ended up loving Orcas Island WAAAAY more, although San Juan Island has it’s own charm (and a camel. Seriously. Look it up!).

It has all the charm of the island life found in Friday Harbor, but it’s smaller, prettier and just cuter (not to mention a wee bit less expensive). If you ever make your way to Washington, go out of your way to see Orcas…and here are some pictures to help convince you. 🙂






Stay at the Rosario Inn and Spa, which has lovely grounds and an amazing pool (see the photo above), not to mention the view. It’s not in the main town of Orcas Island (Eastsound) but you will likely have a car on the ferry, so it’s not hard to get to. (You want a car to best take in this beautiful island!)

the view from our room at Rosario

the view from our room at Rosario

Eat at this amazing pie shop. We split a mini chicken pot pie and a piece of lemon pie and both were mouthwatering. This is saying a lot, as I am not a pie girl. I especially am not a crust fan, but I made a delicious exception at Passionate for Pies. For breakfast, I cannot remember the name of the restaurant, but if you see a shrimp/cream cheese/avocado scramble on the menu, you’ve found the right place.

Hike at Moran State Park. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Vancouver, Canada. August is a great time to visit the typically rainy island…just look at this view!


Whale watch from one of the many tour boats available on the island. (We took the tour available at the Rosario, but there are many more).  Whale watching has always been a dream of mine, and after several unsuccessful days on San Juan Island attempting to see them, and a day-long kayak tour, we were FINALLY successful off of Orcas. (We saw an elephant seal and sea lions, as well!)


sooo happy on the boat


can you spot the whales?

Vacation ALL I Ever Wanted

The last two weeks of August were lovely. Exactly what I needed before starting my degree. They were filled with this, from Montana to Washington to Oregon:



you can KIND of see a whale…


my beautiful sea, oh how I miss you

my beautiful sea, oh how I miss you



San Juan Island, WA



Moran State Park, Orcas Island, WA

The Boyfriend.


how cute is he??

New places.




Pike Place Market, Seattle


The Oregon Coast!

The Oregon Coast!

Cousin. And other family.





My baby.


Road tripping. In a car that works.





Likely it was the best precursor to graduate school ever. Obviously. 🙂

Last Thanksgiving…

I was desperately homesick. But, I also got to see this:

(The Angkor ruins in Cambodia, which remains one of the beautiful and most heart-wrenching and soul-stomping places I’ve ever been).

This year, I’m surrounded by family and friends. In Seattle, which is nice, but it’s clearly not as exotic as Cambodia.

Life sure is interesting.

3000 PLUS

On this special Thanksgiving day, it’s also a special day for me–and for you, if you loyally keep reading this blog.


I have 3,000 PLUS posts.

Maybe that’s not a lot. But it seems that way to me!

In honor, as you’ve probably noticed, I changed the name of my blog–I like it. It’s the same as my url. Perfection. And exactly what this blog is about. Not that “Lost Is Where You’ll Find Me” didn’t fit…but sometimes, things should change.

I’ve looked back over these past six months when I started this blog: a LOT has changed. Not just that my blog has been viewed over 3,000 times.

I moved away from home for the first time, snagged a live-in boyfriend for the first time, started my first big-girl job, started and finished a temporary job at a nursing home that was surprisingly influential, and found myself connecting to the inspiring blogging community in ways I never pictured.

Um. WOW.

In honor of my followers, the few that may be out there, and in honor of Thanksgiving, I just have to take a few words to be grateful. Look how far we’ve come! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, not a flattering picture. One of the kids cut it out too…I’m not sure what it means that a good portion of my head was cut out. Perhaps I was having a particularly interesting hair day.

On a different note, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving HERE this year!:

Seattle, if you didn't get the hint 🙂