Weekly Ten: May 31, 2013

Today, is my last official day of my FIRST YEAR OF GRADUATE SCHOOL! This means I’m back in Colorado, frantically finishing school and getting ready for my summer internship in China.

I’m tired.

But, here are a few links of internet gems from this week. Enjoy!

1. Game of Thrones characters drawn as they might look in the 90’s. Weird!

2. 50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood.

3. I’m obviously a little homesick for Montana, but this graduation speech always makes me smile. Also, this amazing photo of what has to be a terrifying job–plowing the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

4. I’ve decided I’m moving here if I ever finish my master’s. Or here:


Mendocino, California

5. I recently purchased these cute yet comfy shoes for travel. And, even though I’m not a huge fan of flip-flops generally, these form-fit to your feet and don’t look sloppy!

6. This funny map shows the top Google auto-completes for each state. I laughed-out-loud at Montana, Nevada, Mississippi and Wyoming. Also, this world map shows International Number Ones (because every country is best at something)…America’s is not ideal, but then again neither is Colombia’s.

7. Although Kristin and Roy’s wedding last weekend was a SUCCESS, i.e. I did not puke during my speech, my dress zipped,  and most importantly the couple was over the moon happy, I’m already gearing up for the next wedding I’m in, at the end of August. For that wedding, my friend is attempting to make a dress like this for her bridesmaids. I love the idea of a convertible dress! Don’t ask about the whole homemade part, though. It’s giving me nightmares.

the happy couple

the happy couple

2013-05-25 16.56.44-1

the beautiful bride

the lovely bouquets

the lovely bouquets

8. I am loving this color from Essie. Just like a shiny penny! Hence the name.

9. My favorite summer treat.

10. Finally, my Colorado Wish List has been updated! In one week, I will have the opportunity to cross off some to-dos from both my Wanderlist and my Life To-Do List.

Weekly Ten: May 17, 2013

Today I leave for my home state to watch my sister graduate with her undergraduate degree! Can you believe this little bugger is off to physical therapy school next fall?!

baby k

Happy weekend, folks! Here’s hoping to some decent Montana weather for both my little sis’ grad and my friends’ wedding next weekend–it’s notoriously finicky here in May!

1. Prince Harry came to Colorado! Alas, we did not meet, but this happened. So cute. Have that baby already, Kate, so we can see more princely adorableness.

2. Another adorable man: John Krasinski (my long-term celebrity crush) lip-syncs to Katy Perry.

3. Normally I am not a huge fan of Old Navy’s fit, but I am loving their vintage tees. Some colors are on sale right now, too!

4. Photographer shoots her daughter as famous women. Awesome!

5. What do you think of Angelina Jolie’s choice for her health? Here is one opinion.

6. You must watch this Drivelapse USA video. It reminds me that I still have so much left to see of my own country! (tip: the states they’re in are named in the corner–I heard you could tell where the car was based on the landscape, but I had no idea most of the time!)

7. The military’s horrifying statistics regarding sexual assault.

8. And now, to lighten up the mood, a blog dedicated to the opinions of Suri Cruise (fictionally) that almost always makes me laugh.

9. Here’s a website of fun, unusual tours around the world! We plan on doing this one during our 20-hour layover in Iceland.

10. I keep having dreams that the bachelorette party I’m throwing this week is a huge flop. In one dream, I even had a child that I had to deal with while I ran to get prizes. Luckily, the internet is my BFF, and is full of ideas like this, so hopefully it won’t actually be a terrible night…

The Quarter-Century Arrives

Today, is the day.

The day I usher in my 25th year and say sayonara to the first quarter (ideally) of my life.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I find this a wee bit depressing.

Which is simply not acceptable since it’s my birthday, and it comes with everything that entails, like an ice cream cake, presents, a birthday dress and many other happy things.

Since it’s not okay to be sad when I’m still a “youngster” (as my younger sister put it…she’s always been an old soul) I started off my birthday by compiling a list of the all the great things about life in general.

And since that was so broad I started to stress myself out, I decided to find 25 simple things that prove the cliche “it’s the little things.”

1. Crossing things off my life to-do list. (If I start counting how much I still need to do I cry. So I re-cross off a lot). To broaden it, crossing anything off any  list makes me quite content.

2. Pets. All of them I’ve ever had have brought some smiles to my life. Even the frog my sister killed. Even my brother’s snake. (I suppose I can’t really remember when the snake itself made me smile. It’s a snake. But it was named Fluffy so that brings a smile).

3. The Office.

4. Love.

talk about love. these two (my crazy grandparents) just had their 60TH anniversary!

5. Baby things. Baby animals, mostly.

6. Trees.

7. Coffee.

8.  A birthday dress.

9. Fall fashion.


10. A new planner.


11. Instagrammin.’

12. Helping my best friend with her wedding. Even though I might go insane, it’s really fun. And watching another of my best friends getting happily married, too… 🙂

happy happy bride!



14. My dog that wags her tail every time I look at her.


15. Books with happy endings.

16. Ordering new glasses.

17. Travel books.

18. Ice cream cake. And cake in general. And cupcakes. Especially from friends on your birthday!


19. Humans are lucky: we get a lot of fresh starts. Even if we have a short life, every day is fresh.

20. Yoga…outside.

that’s my grandma again, doing yoga. Outside. And she’s way better than me. I might be ashamed if I wasn’t just in awe.

21. The best month of the year (besides December and October…) living up to my high standards.

22. Finishing my AmeriCorps hours!  Service year, check!

23.  My peeps. (And the fact that I’m lucky enough to have peeps, and to have peeps who don’t stop talking to me because I call them “my peeps.” I am eternally grateful that none of my friends have ever disowned me…including the Boyfriend…when I let my love of vernacular and accents carry me away. Sometimes this happens in very public places so really, thanks, peeps.)

24. The Boyfriend. (Read this post. I’m lucky).

25. Oh YEAH! Redesigning my blog and finally getting back into it make me really, really happy. (And I hope this makes YOU happy, too).

Old People Birthdays

Yep, “old people birthdays” is how most people find my site via Google.

Don’t ask me how–I don’t talk about old people very much these days.

Another one is “wedding bells.” Most of these people probably think my blog is all about wedding planning, when usually I just complain about the volume of my friends who are getting engaged. On that note, I included a picture of wedding bells on this post, so that must be the trigger.

(And, don’t get me started on the engagement epidemic.)

I guess I should apologize for that one.

As for old people birthdays? I kind of want to know–if you are someone who found my blog by searching for that, why are you searching for those words in that particular older? Birthday party ideas? Looking for the oldest person in the world? Wondering where the general population is headed, age-wise?

Oh, and if that’s why you’re stopping by, hello, and sorry I can’t help, but enjoy my blog anyway. 🙂 That includes, you, too, wedding-bells-lookers.

(And, please, don’t use my Wikipedia link as a source. It doesn’t count. Unless you really  do your research and verify Wiki’s sources as well).