Old People Birthdays

Yep, “old people birthdays” is how most people find my site via Google.

Don’t ask me how–I don’t talk about old people very much these days.

Another one is “wedding bells.” Most of these people probably think my blog is all about wedding planning, when usually I just complain about the volume of my friends who are getting engaged. On that note, I included a picture of wedding bells on this post, so that must be the trigger.

(And, don’t get me started on the engagement epidemic.)

I guess I should apologize for that one.

As for old people birthdays? I kind of want to know–if you are someone who found my blog by searching for that, why are you searching for those words in that particular older? Birthday party ideas? Looking for the oldest person in the world? Wondering where the general population is headed, age-wise?

Oh, and if that’s why you’re stopping by, hello, and sorry I can’t help, but enjoy my blog anyway. 🙂 That includes, you, too, wedding-bells-lookers.

(And, please, don’t use my Wikipedia link as a source. It doesn’t count. Unless you really  do your research and verify Wiki’s sources as well).